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Dr. Fakhsheena Anjum & Mr. Darko Medin

Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies biomedical sciences, biomedical research, genetics and medical technology to diagnose, treat and prevent injury and disease, typically through pharmaceuticals or surgery, but also through therapies as diverse as psychotherapy, external splints and traction, medical devices, biologics and ionizing radiation. In modern clinical practice, physicians personally assess patients in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease using clinical judgment. The doctor-patient relationship typically begins an interaction with an examination of the patient's medical history and medical record, followed by a medical interview and a physical examination. After examination for signs and interviewing for symptoms, the doctor may order medical tests like blood tests, a biopsy, or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or other therapies. Differential diagnosis methods help to rule out conditions based on the information provided.

Medical research empowers to establish an understanding of the cellular, molecular and physiological mechanisms underpinning human health and disease.

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Aim and Scope

Subject areas include, but are not limited to the below fields:

Adolescent Medicine, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biomolecules, Clinical Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Delivery of Screening Tests, Dermatology, Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety, Endocrinology, Epidemiologic Studies, Health Improvement Strategies, Health Informatics, Haematology, Hospital Medicine, Immuno Targets and Therapy, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice, Laboratory and Animal Investigation, Medical Oncology, Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Modelling, Nuclear Medicine, Palliative Care, Pathogenesis of Disease, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology, Primary Health Care, Proteomics, Radiology, Sleep Medicine, Surgery, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, Translational Research.

CPQ Medicine aims at publishing articles in all the related arenas.

Latest Articles

COVID-19 Vaccines, a Global Marathon Between Methodical Heritages and Future Challenges

Sami El Khatib

The world leads off an exceptional 2021 year, burdened with unprecedented uncertainties and challenges. Since the first days of 2020 and the unmatched pandemic has not recovered or retreated. The burden of the health sector and the unparalleled number of deaths around the World have been the biggest challenges that sparked many protests and spread fears in various societies, especially in the absence of any operative treatment and the long wait for an effective vaccine that provides the “social” [...] READ MORE

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Growth of Blended E-Learning Paradigms in Nursing and Health Sciences and the Student Experience: Insights From the Literature

Tayyib, N., Alsolami, F., Asfour, H. I., Alshhmemri, M. S., Ramaiah, P., Ahmed, E., Alsulami, S. A., Ali, H. Y. S. & Lindsay, G. M.*

Blended e-learning is being increasingly used across major sectors of the educational environment including medicine, nursing and healthcare. This trend can be seen through the increase in scholarly articles and research on the subject. [...] READ MORE

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Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from Wound Infection from Patients Attending Orile-Agege and Ifako General Hospitals, Lagos State, Nigeria

Ajayi, J. B.1*, Taiwo, S. S.2, & Ajayi, O. A.3

Infection caused by wounds has continued to be a problem in most hospitals where treatment of infection has become generally by observation.
The isolation and identification of bacteria associated with sepsis was carried out on 150 patients attending Orile–Agege and Ifako- Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria. Samples such as wound pus were collected with striates that has not been contaminated with bacteria. [...] READ MORE

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Study on the Awareness of the Risk Factors Causing Gastritis Among the University Students in Malaysia and the Role of Upper GI Endoscopy

Premkumar Daivasikamani1*, Suresh2, Khoo Wei Chin1, Khoo Chun Yik1, Ang Shang En1 & Kodeesh Kanna Mona Kanna1

Common cause of gastritis is due to the infection of Helicobacter Pylori infection producing the inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The other risk factors are medication, stress, radiation, bile reflux, consumption of spicy or starchy food, sedentary life and drinking alcohol and irregular meals. Gastritis is believed to be present in 30% to 50% of the population. [...] READ MORE

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Status of Serum Electrolytes Based on Parity of Pregnancy

Christiana Nkeiru Friday, Faith Diorgu, C.* & Anacletus Francis

Electrolytes are mineral ions that have the capacity to conduct electrical charges when dissolved in a solution like the blood. Its derangement during pregnancy is one of the most leading causes of foeto- maternal morbidity and mortality. [...] READ MORE

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The Relationship Between Clinical Response to Cranial Electric Stimulation and the Change in Bioimpedance in Migraine Patients

Naisberg, Y.

Multi-electrode cranial electric stimulation (CES) with a new Biophysical Mind Technology (BMT) is a method for both non-invasive diagnosis (using 500 Microampere, 10Hz frequency, for 10msec) and for migraine treatment (using exposure with 100kHz frequency, 1.0mA and 250msec) introduced to scalp through each pair out of 276 EEG combinations of electrode montage in 10-20 EEG applications. [...] READ MORE

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COVID-19 WAR, Vaccines Versus Medicines

Bahram Alamdary Badlou

Per definition, vaccines are used as preventive and Medicines as therapeutic drugs to save the life of subjects, however. Against COVID-19 mutants still, there is no standard preventive and/or therapeutic approaches, globally [1-5]. Current research studies focused either on molecular or clinically changes of COVID-19 infection mechanism, trying to discover the cellular immune responses, which did not result in standard protocols, yet (January 2021). [...] READ MORE

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Profound Weight Loss Diagnosed as Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia

Christine Carroll1* & Jeff Guthrie, A.2

In cases of chronic abdominal pain in geriatric population a high index of suspicion needs to be maintained to gather data that would determine the emergency physician arrive to a diagnosis for appropriate patient management and referrals to the appropriate services. We present the case of an elderly patient who arrived at our Emergency Department after multiple visits for chronic abdominal pain and weight loss. [...] READ MORE

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Movable-Weaning off an Electrocardiographic Phenomenon in Hypocalcemia (Changeable Phenomenon or Yasser’s Phenomenon of Hypocalcemia)-Retrospective-Observational Study

Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed

Hypocalcemia is a famous serious electrolyte disorder characterized by calcium deficiency. It is recently associated with specific electrocardiographic changes such as both wavy triple and double electrocardiographic signs (Yasser signs). [...] READ MORE

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A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study on Smoking Cessation in Patients with Hypertension and Diabetes in General/Family Practice

Catovic, A.1*, Pleho-Kapic, A.2 & Zekotic, M.3

Smoking is still a common health issue. It predisposes an individual to ill health or disrupts the physiological function of the organism. Smoking is associated with risk of arterial hypertension and diabetes management problems. There is a motivation to change this risk habit. Prochaska and DiClemente developed the stages of change model during addiction treatment. [...] READ MORE

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