Authors are the one who express their research outcome to the world in the form of an article. Scientific research involves going beyond the well-trodden and well-tested ideas and theories that form the core of scientific knowledge. Hence, Cient Periodique requests the authors to meet the below requirements.

  • The authors should ensure that the research has been conducted responsibly and ethically with adherence to all relevant regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the author for his/her work and the published content.
  • The articles must carry a new research that proves to be a major contribution to the field of science. Substantial evidences backing the research work, findings and methodology can be present, but the subject area/ content dealt in the article should not have been published before.
  • Authors are requested to make their submission in Microsoft word format accompanied with a cover letter. Please keep the text layout as simple as possible. If any equations and formulae are available, they should be clearly readable and preferably written using Math Type. Tables and figures should be of high resolution.
  • Authors should promptly respond to the e-mails from Editorial Office to carry out the process swiftly. Also, authors should extend their kind co-operation during peer review process for the best outcome of article that gets published finally.

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