The Self-Compassion Moderated Mediating Effect of Psychological Distress and Perceived Stigma Association with Mental Well-Being in Persons with Epilepsy

Abstract: Purpose: The research examined the mediating effect of the perceived stigma on psychological distress of people living with epilepsy and also investigated the moderated mediating effect by self-compassion [...] READ MORE

09 March 2022


Hip Fractures and Vitamin D: 2021-2022

Abstract: The elderly adult in all parts of the globe remains vulnerable to sustaining one or more hip fractures in their life time. Long considered to have a somewhat plausible, albeit unproven role in mitigating hip fracture injuries and debilitating outcomes, more recent reports shed new light on this possible adjunctive intervention where vitamin D levels are compromised. [...] READ MORE

02 March 2022


Disorder in Children - Pain Syndromes in Adults - Problems of Spine, Hips, Feet - In Points and Figures

Abstract: In the article there is described the Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, etiology of So-Called Idiopathic Scoliosis with information about new classification and about old - improper and new - proper therapy. [...] READ MORE

01 March 2022


A Pseudo-Tumoral Form of Crohn’s Disease in an Elderly Patient

Abstract: Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the gastrointestinal tract. It is a rare disease in the elderly. It constitutes a heterogeneous group both in its clinical and progressive presentation. The pseudotumoral form remains exceptional. [...] READ MORE

17 February 2022


Platelets and RBCS Changes Underlie Cardiovascular Diseases, in the COVID-19 Era

Abstract: Worldwide all countries are distressed from COVID-19 outbreaks, causing more than 260 million infections, and 5.3 million deaths (and counting). Globally compared, the US, Russia, and European countries have less than 20% population but are suffering from more than 50% death cases (Dec-2021). [...] READ MORE

16 February 2022


Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 Pathway in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Abstract: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), a type of pancreatic cancer, is a highly fatal malignant disease with one of the poorest prognoses with rising incidence. The poor clinical outcomes are due to the limitation of the current therapeutic interventions and insufficient understanding of the pathogenesis for PDAC. [...] READ MORE

11 February 2022


Proposal for Sexual Abuse Prevention and Child Protection Team

Child sexual abuse is a growing public health problem. Children with sexual abuse experience fear, agony, pain, shame, helplessness and loss of dignity. The known magnitude of child sexual abuse is only like the tip of an ice berg and much of it is not reported. The management of abused children is challenging and evolving in the country. [...] READ MORE

08 February 2022


Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Complicated by Ascariasis- Our Experience

Abstract: Penetrating abdominal trauma typically involves the violation of the abdominal cavity by gunshot wound (GSW) or stab wound (SW). The surgical complications of ascaris lumbricoides have been well documented, however very few studies have tried to elucidate the impact of ascariasis in patients with penetrating abdominal injury. [...] READ MORE

03 February 2022


Approach of a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis and Urinary Incontinence with the Clinical Pilates Method: A Narrative Review and Case Study

Abstract: Introduction: Urinary Incontinence (UI) can occur in many patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) creating adverse conditions. In this paper, the focus is on the treating of UI in MS patients with the Clinical Pilates method, [...] READ MORE

31 January 2022


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