Why does Cient Periodique charge Article Processing Fee (APF) for publishing in its journals?

Cient Periodique comes under the category of Gold open access publisher that aspires to offer absolute free, unrestricted access to the valuable research information. The Article Processing Fee (APF) justifies a tedious work that is involved in it before any article is accepted for publication. As a part of Gold Open Access model, we request the authors for a nominal amount mentioned below.

Type of Article Processing Fee
Research/Review Paper USD 399
Case Report/Case Study/Case Series USD 399
Mini-Review USD 349
All Others Types USD 299

Our efforts to ensure quality service includes divers’ steps and numerous aspects. Cient Periodique cover the cost of plagiarism check, editing, correction, proofreading, quality check, web maintenance, site modification, journal production, web hosting, CMS (content management system), database, online repository, archiving, peer review, open access publication, articles published in PDF and full text formats, copyright provision, security assurance and so on… We are stand-alone organization and do not receive funding from any source. The journals of Cient Periodique do not receive payments from subscription as they are available open access. The functioning of the journal is supported by the funds received in the form of publication fee from authors. We will confirm your precious payment through the payment receipt within 24 hours after the payment is done.

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Cient Periodique is a ‘Gold’ open access publisher that aspires to offer absolute free, unrestricted access to the valuable research information

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