Open access (OA) refers to online research outputs that are free of all restrictions on access. The core idea of open access is the basis of its key advantage, as articles will be freely available for anyone who wishes to read them. This is very important as the new information should always be available to the current researchers from which new findings can rise.
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You can comfortably make your submission online at Article Submission (or) you can also submit your precious Article to admin@cientperiodique.com
Usually, after you make your Article submission, you will receive an acknowledgement mail within 24 hours. If not, there might be a certain technical issue. So, you can just drop an e-mail to admin@cientperiodique.com
We are committed to the highest standards of peer review. The Editorial Board of each journal determines their peer review policy, while maintaining our high standards. All our Editors extend their support, advising on policy, decision-making, plagiarism and ethics to ensure every decision is as fair and transparent as possible.
We honour all the authors who decide to publish with us. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, we provide publication certificate to the authors and also, after each issue release, one article will be elected as the best one, for which “Best Article of Issue” certificate will be provided.
Absolutely yes! You can be an Editorial Board member/ Reviewer for the journals that are suitable for your field of interest. You are also requested to participate actively in the works of all the journals in which you are involved.
Cient Periodique accept all types of articles from the authors for publication in the respective journals.
The core idea of open access is the basis of its key advantage, as articles will be freely available for anyone who wishes to read them. For authors, publishing open access rather than behind a paywall can help open up their research to a wider audience. Open access can help provide scientists in such countries with the opportunity to participate in the international research community, with some open access journals even offering discounted or waived publication fees for papers from low-income countries.
As soon as the author submits the article, we will move forward and will initiate the peer review process. The entire work including online publication will be completed within a maximum of 25 days.

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