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Physiotherapy in the Management of Pain in Musculoskeletal Manifestations after COVID-19

Franciane Machado
With the announcement of the pandemic in March 2020, the challenge has begun to seek not only a cure but also treatment for the repercussions of COVID-19. After the disease, many patients present a variety of problems, among which are musculoskeletal manifestations. This study promotes some considerations about the management of musculoskeletal pain in these patients. Evidencing the importance of the Physiotherapist and a multidisciplinary team i [...] READ MORE
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Nano Particles for Insulin Delivery to Control Diabetes Mellitus

Joseph Francis, P. J.1*, Irene Joseph2 & Firdous Jahan3
Nanoparticles have superior properties due to their size, volume and charge. The increased surface area enables the nanoparticles to function effectively in the delivery of biochemical substances. When insulin is coated with certain nanoparticles like gold nanoparticles or polylactate nanoparticles their bioactivity became more adjustable. Comparing to free insulin the activity is three times greater for Insulin-Polylactate nanoparticles and Insu [...] READ MORE
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Photodynamic Therapy versus Topically Applied Corticosteroids in the Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus

Abdel-latif Galal1*, Mostafa Hosny2 & Hazim Mandour3
To compare the efficacy of photodynamic therapy (PDT) versus topical corticosteroids in the treatment of patients with erosive oral lichen planus (EOLP).
Subjects and Methods
Randomized clinical trials included twenty patients with EOLP clinical and histological diagnosis. They were divided into two groups of equal size: Ten patients in Group A (the control group) were instructed to use a [...] READ MORE
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COVID-19, Depression and Falls Injuries: Interactions and Impact

Ray Marks
The COVID-19 virus, which persists in heightening premature death rates among older adults, especially those with health challenges, also appears linked to possible poor outcomes currently observed for older adults who not only experience COVID-19 infections, but who may experience highly injurious falls that lead to bone fractures. This overview focuses on falls injuries, the chief hip fracture precursor, and the possible impact of pre existing [...] READ MORE
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Efficacy of PRF Alone or Mixed With 1% Metformin Gel in Augmenting Narrow Ridge With Split-Crest Technique and Implant Installation

Abd Al-Aziz Aboamo, K.1*, Mahmoud Eldestawy, T.2 & Usama Madany, M.3
This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of PRF either alone, or mixed with 1% metformin gel, in horizontal ridge augmentation with split-crest technique, for implant placement.
Patients & Methods
24 implants were inserted in narrow ridges of twelve patients who were randomly assigned into one of two groups. In group 1, patients were treated by split crest technique with implant placement and PRF only. In group 2, pati [...] READ MORE
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Re-Adapting Medical Psychotherapy as a Uniform Design of Neuro-Psychiatric and Psychological Treatment: A Special Point of View

Naisberg Yakov
Medical psychotherapy is a new professional method for the use of external ecological and social means that yields a placebo inducing process that produces quiet conditions in the body by the free will that navigates patients’ awareness of surviving and adapting within the homeostasis reference. For this to take place, there are two prerequisites to approve disputed by free will control of the mental micro/macro biophysical neurophysiologic [...] READ MORE
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The Effect of Ball and Socket and Bar/Clip Attachments in Implant-Retained Complete Mandibular Thermoplastic Overdenture on Masticatory Performance: A Crossover Study

Hamam, F. A.1*, Farahat, M. Y.2 & Baraka, O. A.3
To evaluate the effect of ball and socket and bar/clip attachments in implant-retained complete mandibular thermoplastic overdenture on masticatory performance.
Subjects and Methods
Ten completely edentulous patients divided into two groups: Group I (n=5) was treated with two implant retained thermoplastic overdenture with ball and socket attachment system then after 3 months replaced by [...] READ MORE
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Physiotherapy and ERAS Protocol

Kamparoudi Georgia Maria1*, Ballas Konstantinos2 & Kamparoudis Apostolos2
ERAS programs were introduced in the late of 1990s, originated from colon surgery, but have spread to other surgeries including, among others, gastrointestinal, hepatocellular, orthopedic, cardiac thoracic and gynecological surgery. ERAS programs are supported by preoperative, perioperative and postoperative procedures The ultimate goal is to minimize postoperative dysfunction and to enhance rehabilitation [1]. [...] READ MORE
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Biomechanical Engineering Ethics

Travis Greer
Biomechanical engineering is one of the most fascinating concepts in the field of ethics, involving many revolutionary technologies. Biotechnology has now given us the ability to restore the function of paralyzed nervous systems, and the ability to control organic and mechanical mechanisms via electrodes. This new era of innovation allows us to defy the normal limits of evolution. This era of Transhuman or Posthuman modification has been marked b [...] READ MORE
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Neuroimaging of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) Associated With COVID-19: Two Case Reports

Antonio Júnior, G. L.1*, Hilanne Aquino, L. A.2, July Machado, R. M.2, Pablo Coimbra, P. A.2, Clarissa Albuquerque, P.2, Laura Gomes, V. M.3 & Nina Abreu, M. P.2
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) is a clinical-radiological entity associated with several image presentations and a series of clinical conditions.
Case Presentation
We report two cases of a 60-years-old man and a 25-years-old woman, both with COVID-19 infection, who developed PRES, with neurologic damage by SARS-Cov-2.
The immedia [...] READ MORE
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