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A Study to Explore the Verbal Fluency Performance in Adults Presenting With Epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital

Mutinta Matambo* & Ravi Paul
This study explored the verbal fluency performance in adults presenting with epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital. The study was guided by three objectives: (i) to describe verbal fluency performance in adults with epilepsy by the use of the neuropsychological tests; namely Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) and Category Fluency Test (FAS), (ii) to explore the association between verbal fluency scores and the clinical characteristi [...] READ MORE
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The Cane: Mechanical or Sensorial Support?

Almada, F.1, Fernando, C.2 & Vicente, A.3*
Researching is not measuring. Researching is to find useful answers to interesting questions.
The ability to collect data, to accumulate and transmit information, and to massacre that information until we get the answers we want, has grown exponentially in the past tens of years and will continue to increase explosively.
But interesting answers to important problems don’t follow.
In this way, knowledge is discredited, knowledge i [...] READ MORE
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Love Bombing and Grooming in Cluster B Personality Disorders

Sam Vaknin
Put together, these techniques create a shared psychotic space within which the shared fantasy thrives on false promises and make believe role play. Whenever the woman tries to exit this common territory, she is punished with sadistic sex, egregious abuse, withholding, or rejection. Finally, the only way open to her is to resort to another man with whom she can create an alternative sanctuary, however fantastic and brief. She cheats and the share [...] READ MORE
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Unmet Oral Health Needs of Basic School Pupils in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana

Mary Dsane
Prevalence of caries in young children is worldwide. Parent perception is a contributor in dental nonattendance. Reduction in prevalence of periodontal disease help reduce associated systemic diseases. This research seeks to assess the oral disease burden amongst basic school pupils and the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of the people.
The study was a school-based cross-sectio [...] READ MORE
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Physical Activity Among Sarajevo Medical Secondary School Students

Catovic, A.1*, Ziga, E.2 & Pleho-Kapic, A.3
Physical activity is directly linked to improving quality of life and health, contributing to a reduction in various diseases. Higher levels of physical inactivity tend to cluster with other adverse health practices. The growing use of technology in daily life is combined with increase of sedentary lifestyle in all age group. Additionally, physical activity patterns are changed through life course. The most phys [...] READ MORE
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Is 4-Joint Prosthetics Justified?

Ivantsou, U. A.
The article describes a unique case of a patient in whom two hip and two knee joints were replaced, describes the complications that have arisen and presents the ways to solve them.
Recently, due to the global aging trend of the population, environmental problems, there has been an increase in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially large joints. One of the effective methods of treating this pathology is endoprosthetics operations [...] READ MORE
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Dental Practice During SARS-CoV2 Pandemic

Nada Sanhouri, M.1* & Elhadi Mohieldin Awooda2
SARS-CoV2 prevalently known as the COVID-19 virus, Coronavirus, [1,2] originated in December 2019 in Wuhan, China [3] and rapidly continued spreading all over the world; it was declared on 11 January 2020 by the WHO as a global pandemic [4]. Since 31st of December 2019 and according to the update of 8th July 2020, globally, there have been 11,500,302 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV2, including 535,759 deaths [5].
The diseas [...] READ MORE
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Theory of Mind, Breast Cancer and Depression: Is Cancer Taking Over Your Social Cognition? A Comparative Study From Eastern India

Arunima Datta1, Shrenik Ostwal2* & Subpiramaniyam Sivakumar3
Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to attribute mental states to oneself, to others. Studies have established ToM deficits in patients with depression, autism, schizophrenia. But, no study so far has investigated the status of ToM in breast cancer patients who often suffer from depression. Hence we proposed a study to compare ToM deficits between women with breast cancer, with pure psychiatric depression (PPD) an [...] READ MORE
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Cerebrovascular Disorders During COVID-19 Pandemic: What Should We Know

Ghaydaa Shehata, A.
A New detected a virus called COVID-19 reported by World Health Organization (WHO) as pandemic at March 2020 COVID-19 is affected mainly by respiratory illness, but it can also affect the brain. Cerebrovascular disorders are recorded COVID-19 pandemics but are not effectively addressed how to deal and treat them. In this review, I try to discuss the postulated neuronal mechanisms of the coronavirus infection sequelae. After made midlines about th [...] READ MORE
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COVID-19 War, Highlights About Mechanism of Action

Bahram Alamdary Badlou1* & Mojtaba Ch. Hedayati2,3
Generally, patients and their family are frightening and suffering from the COVID-19 infectious with remarkable side effect-related attacks, which shockingly increased risk of death rate. In July 2020, still the exact mechanism how systemic blood and random shutdown of organs are occurring is not elucidated completely.
Now a day, 6 kinds of diseases cause a significant increase in mortality and morbidity rate either in- and/or out of Hospita [...] READ MORE
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