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Can COVID-19 Pandemic Push Medical Schools in a More Innovative and Positive Direction?

Stavroula Koulocheri, A.
The profound effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, may change the direction of the delivery of medical education. The disruption of medical courses has shifted education from classrooms to online formats. New strategies have been implemented during the pandemic because of physical distancing. Preclinical and clinical education involve teaching design and learning environments for moving forward the medical education in response [...] READ MORE
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Management of Crown-Root Fracture of a Maxillary Central Incisor in a 13-Year-Old Boy by Orthodontic Forced Eruption: A Case Report

Shahram Mosharrafian, Mojgan Kargar*, Fateme Almasi & Mohammad Hassan Hamrah
Dental trauma causing crown-root fracture is among the most challenging types of dental traumas in terms of management, which often involves maxillary permanent incisors prior to completion of their root development and can result in tooth loss. Management of this type of tooth fracture often requires a multidisciplinary approach with the cooperation of an endodontist, a periodontist, a pediatric dentist and/or an orthodontist. The primary goal o [...] READ MORE
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Hypothesis on Glucose Production Communication Model Between the Brain and Other Internal Organs, Especially the Stomach and Liver via Studying Glucose Responses Due to Solid Food

Gerald Hsu, C.
Investigating the relationship between meals and postprandial plasma glucose by using glucose responses due to solid food. The author used a continuous glucose monitor device to collect data by focusing on different food inputs for 647 days. He tested his hypothesis on the communication model between the brain and certain specific internal organs via the nervous system by using his experimental data and various mathematical analysis tools. In thi [...] READ MORE
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Forms of Violence Experienced by Both Male and Female Students of a Tertiary Institution in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Envuladu, E. A.1,2*, Osagie, I. A.3, Sodipo, O. Y.2, Adejo, C. O.4, Embugushiki4 & Pirfa, J. J.4
It is evident worldwide that females are the main victims of Gender-based violence (GBV), nevertheless, there is evidence that males also experience this pervasive human rights violation. Tertiary institutions have been reported as an environment which perpetuates GBV for both sexes. It presents in different forms and magnitude resulting in serious physical, mental and emotional health consequences. This study was [...] READ MORE
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care and Research

Winston Wong, PharmD
No one predicted what the impact of COVID-19 upon globe would have been. The impact has been devastating, from a humanistic as well as from healthcare perspective. However, I am constantly reminded that no matter where the final numbers tally out to with respect to the human tragedy, COVID-19 thus far is not even close to the Great Flu Epidemic in 1917 during World War I. What makes the difference now is that we are already familiar with the viru [...] READ MORE
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Surgical Treatment of a Vulvar Paget Disease: A Case Report

Atoui Hadi1,2, El Haddad Cynthia1,2, Patrick zaarour2 & Darido Jessie3*
Paget disease of the vulva is a chronic, rare type of vulvar malignancies that occurs in postmenopausal women. Vulvar Paget’s disease is a rare neoplasm of the vulva that presents as a dermatological benign disease. Recurrences are common and the selection of the accurate management is very challenging. We hereby, are reporting the case of a 54 years old female patient diagnosed with a vulvar Paget disease that was only treated via a surgic [...] READ MORE
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Food Nutrition and Chronic Diseases Control During COVID-19 Quarantine Period Using GH-Method: Math-Physical Medicine (MPM)

Gerald Hsu, C.
This research note describes how the author applies his personal medical knowledge regarding food nutrition and chronic diseases control to fight against COVID-19 during his self-quarantine period from 1/19/2020 through 5/14/20.
Figure 1 shows the mortality rate for the leading causes of death in the year 2017 (from US-CDC). Approximately 2.1 million people died from multiple co [...] READ MORE
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Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal and Newborn Health Services

Gedefa Amenu
The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19 has spread rapidly since emerging in late 2019, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare the disease a global pandemic. Experts have been trying to respond to curb transmission of the virus and to provide care for the many who have been infected throughout the world.
There is no evidence of adverse effects COVID-19 on pregnant women. But the physical and immune system chan [...] READ MORE
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Orthopedic Trauma Care During the COVID-19 Epidemic - New Challenges?

Asaf Acker1, Amir Korngreen1,3, Tai Friezm1,4 & Zvi Perry, H.2*
In the past few months, the entire world is changing before our eyes due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, with an alarming number of patients being influenced directly or indirectly by the virus spread. Health systems, together with economic systems, are forced to transform their usual course of action and prioritize treatment on the basis of urgency and limited resources.
Orthopedic trauma by its nature deals with relatively [...] READ MORE
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Badlou, B. A.
Globally all nations are terrifying and suffering from Covid-19 attack with extraordinary death rate, which the exact mechanism is not elucidated yet. We are living together with Covid-19 with a dual and different feelings 1) prior to patient zero time, and 2) after propagation of Covid-19 mutants with more than 4 million causalities up to now. Last year, a new type (bird flu-like) viral Pneumonia cases, which started spreadin [...] READ MORE
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