Volume 10  Issue 3

COVID-19 War, (Non-)Pyrogenic Actions and Reactions

Bahram Alamdary Badlou

Worldwide, all nations are distressing from the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak with unexpected death rate about one million, which the exact mechanism how systemic blood is responding not elucidated completely [1-4].
According to Wang et al. 2020 data indicated that all patients without or with fever showed significant differences between ‘clinical characteristics’ symptoms. [...] READ MORE

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Open Wound in Equine and Its Management-Review

Natnael Debebe1, Abaynew Gelaye2 & Haben Fesseha3*

Open wounds are the most frequently recorded health and welfare problem in working animals in developing countries that need proper wound dressing, as they are prone to bacterial infection. Wound dressing is one of the main external effects during the healing process of wounds. Understanding the process of wound healing and knowing the phases of wound healing is vital to intervene in the management of open wounds. [...] READ MORE

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Aging, Cellular Senescence and Diabetes Mellitus: Clinicopathological Correlates, Trends and Targets

Chrysanthus Chukwuma

Diabetes and aging correlate with identical organ and system perturbations which are enhanced by concomitant molecular processes such as cellular senescence. Age represents a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is unclear how senescence contributes to diabetes pathogenesis. Thus, available treatment modalities have not targeted the vital area of the disease. [...] READ MORE

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Traditional Medicinal Plants and COVID-19

Mohammed Sayed Aly Mohammed

Traditional medicinal plants are used now in all of world countries for remedy from a Numerous diseases, they are considered substituted to biosynthesis drugs that depended on their authority on the effect of herbal in earliest century, the remedy of diseases was discovered with using the hillers some plants to cure disease of breathing, skin diseases, pain diseases and so on, for these reasons called these plants medicinal plants because they did a good work in medicine science. [...] READ MORE

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Difficult Dialysis Access in Four Years Old Child: The Hope to Survive

Esmael Ali Hamed

Functioning vascular access (VA) is our target to build an efficient hemodialysis procedure [1,2]. There are three main types of access: autogenous access (AVF), catheters and arteriovenous graft, AVF remains the first choice for HD and was described by Cimino [3]. Prosthetic fistulae become the second option of HD access. Catheters are the latest alternative option [4,5]. [...] READ MORE

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