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Topic: Aspect of COVID-19 Pandemic

The idea of CPQ Medicine Scholar’s Issue aims to coalesce ongoing, progressive research in the fields pertinent to medicine. As the scientific world is moving with a vast research, exhibiting the ideas and concepts of scientists on a platform is also important for future generation that finally results in an outcome of healthy society. In light of these challenges, this scholar’s issue intends to bring state-of-the-art research and developments in medicine. Researchers are invited to contribute articles that seek to understand the various concepts, address those challenges, and provide future improvements in this research domain. Medical care is a broad term that pertains to a system that involves the maintenance and improvement of medical services in order to cater the medical and clinical demands of the people. The ever growing demands of the people, particularly the patients, has been widely recognized and cannot be undermine. In fact, if we take a look back in the past centuries, the vast range of changes that has happened and continues to happen in the modern society is clearly seen globally. These kinds of changes involve the advancement of health care system and services that is a result of the innovation of technology. As the world population grows day by day, importance of health is considered to be one of the top priorities in this modern society.

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Badlou, B. A.

Globally all nations are terrifying and suffering from Covid-19 attack with extraordinary death rate, which the exact mechanism is not elucidated yet. We are living together with Covid-19 with a dual and different feelings 1) prior to patient zero time, and 2) after propagation of Covid-19 mutants with more than 4 million causalities up to now. [..] READ MORE

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Orthopedic Trauma Care During the COVID-19 Epidemic - New Challenges?

Asaf Acker1, Amir Korngreen1,3, Tai Friezm1,4 & Zvi Perry, H.2*

In the past few months, the entire world is changing before our eyes due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, with an alarming number of patients being influenced directly or indirectly by the virus spread. [..] READ MORE

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Can COVID-19 Pandemic Push Medical Schools in a More Innovative and Positive Direction?

Stavroula Koulocheri, A.

The profound effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, may change the direction of the delivery of medical education. The disruption of medical courses has shifted education from classrooms to online formats. New strategies have been implemented during the pandemic because of physical distancing. [..] READ MORE

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Coronavirology: A Challenging Issue as a Whole

Ashraful Kabir

World Health Organization (WHO) declares lots of research outcomes for all sorts of people of the world which are directly associated with human welfare. Many journals of the world related to human health are doing excellent and they put those on the internet. Anybody can snatch those articles and can use in their daily life. [..] READ MORE

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On the Consequences of Having Omnipotent National Presidents Who Do Not Heed Their Expert´s Advices and Other Lessons From a Pandemic

Cristóbal Lárez Velásquez

The current pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, finally named SARS-CoV-2, whose epicentre was located in China during its initial stages and later moved to Europe, has been established in a very alarming way, and for now, in the American continent. Thus, at the end of May 2020, the two countries with the highest number of new infections on the planet are the United States of America and Brazil. [..] READ MORE

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Evolutionary Thought on Our Immunity

Ashraful Kabir

No sooner had the present situation of Coronavirus of the world remained stable than recurrent attack came again in some countries. Before the outbreak of this virus, we should follow those life-saving instructions by the experts. After the outbreak basically, we lost our mental and physical power to cope with this pandemic. Though the genetic properties of this virus are very complicated to destroy them by medicines but possible to inactive them by our good immunity power. [..] READ MORE

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Misinformation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stavroula Koulocheri, A.

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is considered one of the worst global crises of the past. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, a lack of certainty dominated, an “uncertainty vacuum”, relating to knowledge and empirical evidence, with conflicting evidence and a high level of emergency. [..] READ MORE

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Nursing Practices Within Telehealth Care: Communication Skills Re-Visited Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Tayyib, N. A.1, Asfour, H. I.1, Samb, C.2 & Lindsay, G. M.1*

In nursing practices, effective communication is of the greatest importance to promote engagement with patients, playing a central role in enabling quality of healthcare interactions. However, problems raised by patients about their treatment are often found to be rooted in poor communication within their engagement with the healthcare system and healthcare professionals’ interactions. [..] READ MORE

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Be Safe in This Outbreak of Coronavirus

Ashraful Kabir

All viruses can change their genetic code anytime so this is not completely possible to destroy them. In this case, there is no short-cut of personal hygiene and understanding about them. At the time of outbreak, people need to know such things which are very important for their life saving. Home quarantine, very limited access in the market with adequate protection, social distance, and family hygiene all are very important to recover from this situation. [..] READ MORE

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COVID-19 War, Highlights About Mechanism of Action

Bahram Alamdary Badlou1* & Mojtaba Ch. Hedayati2,3

Generally, patients and their family are frightening and suffering from the COVID-19 infectious with remarkable side effect-related attacks, which shockingly increased risk of death rate. In July 2020, still the exact mechanism how systemic blood and random shutdown of organs are occurring is not elucidated completely. [..] READ MORE

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