CPQ Medicine (2020) 9:1
COVID Issue Paper

Coronavirology: A Challenging Issue as a Whole

Ashraful Kabir

Department of Biology, Saidpur Cantonment Public College, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

*Correspondence to: Dr. Ashraful Kabir, Department of Biology, Saidpur Cantonment Public College, Nilphamari, Bangladesh.

Copyright © 2020 Dr. Ashraful Kabir. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received: 18 June 2020
Published: 19 June 2020

Keywords: Coronavirology; Microbiology

World Health Organization (WHO) declares lots of research outcomes for all sorts of people of the world which are directly associated with human welfare. Many journals of the world related to human health are doing excellent and they put those on the internet. Anybody can snatch those articles and can use in their daily life. Oxford University and China, they could organize their scientific ideas on the vaccine and are hoping that their success very soon. This type of outbreak in the past we have seen like malaria, pox, diarrhea, and tuberculosis, and all were in epidemic and many people died within a short period. The immunity power of human beings is increasing day by day while they are habituated to hygiene, nutritious food, and exercise. Some members of the same family may have strong immunity power, so they can cope with not only Coronavirus but also other pathogenic micro-organisms.

At first, all those considerable ideas will not possible to most people of the world, but for the time being from those outcomes will come into a solution like the antibacterial or antifungal medications as well then it is surely possible to establish antiviral antidote as the previous concept on micro-organisms. Nevertheless, researches on this in the world are not stopped at any cost while they can focus on absolute remedy. More studies on the evolutionary divergence of microbial genetics, adequate application on various lab animals, and cultivation of knowledge can change our wild and non-scientific life-style. Since we have evolved from that ancestry where the immune system was not under control, but we are now becoming more conscious of our health. So we need to circulate our all sustainable ways of life as the last output of those findings like an acceptable life-style. In which countries where the longevity shows higher, their life-style can be a model for all people.

Based on a contemporary issue, the cientperiodique journal is of course can snatch the core of all people. Nowadays this journal is carrying intemperate information that can lead to making future scientists who will deal with the health of all people. Ancient notions are modified now through uncountable research in this line. Many ardent young researchers are devoted to inventing something new not only on this virus but also other striking issues as a whole. With the editor of this journal, other members and their national and international scientific writers are very dedicated to sharing their outcomes for this periodique. This is no doubt that this is paramount in the series of activities on Biomedical Sciences. Through delve into on this virus and after deliberate upon between or among the author and reviewer, this journal is impeccable. They cling to research on human health and Agriculture as well.

Adequate knowledge on the subject Microbiology either those micro-organisms are considered as pathogenic or not; hygiene in many ways; nutritious food by understanding their items, food value, amount based on the body structure, daily requirements; physiology which is more complicated to explain as a whole but for promoting our overall body condition we should realize the mechanism of immunity and metabolism; and finally the life-style which is focused on our general habits including exercise resolve the rounded epidemic status of the so-called Coronavirus outbreak.

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