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Neurology is one of the most important branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system, while Psychology is one of the significant branches of science that studies about behaviour and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as thought. A Neurologist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous system and its subdivisions: the autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system including their coverings, blood vessels and all effector tissue, such as muscle. Clinical neuropsychologists are often called upon to evaluate brain-behaviour relationships for the purpose of assisting with differential diagnosis, planning rehabilitation strategies, documenting cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and measuring change over time. Neurosurgery is also a distinct speciality that involves a different training path and emphasizes the surgical treatment of neurological disorders. The neuroscientists perform clinical and laboratory experiments and tests to learn more about the nervous system and find cures or new treatments for diseases and disorders.

A Psychologist is a crucial mental health professional who evaluates and studies behaviour and mental processes. Psychology is one of the significant branches of science that studies about behaviour and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that, when taken together, seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains and all the variety of epiphenomena they manifest. As a social science, it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behaviour, while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviours. Psychologists explore mental processes including perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning and personality. This extends to interaction between people such as interpersonal relationships including psychological resilience, family resilience and other areas. Psychologists of diverse orientations also consider the unconscious mind.

The emerging research field of neurological enhancement highlights the potential of therapies to improve such things as workplace efficacy, attention in school and overall happiness in personal lives.

Psychological research enables to analyse the experiences and behaviours of individuals or groups resulting in educational, occupational and clinical applications.

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The objective of CPQ Neurology and Psychology is to publish articles in all relevant arenas.

Latest Articles

A Study to Explore the Verbal Fluency Performance in Adults Presenting With Epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital

Mutinta Matambo* & Ravi Paul

This study explored the verbal fluency performance in adults presenting with epilepsy at University Teaching Hospital. The study was guided by three objectives: (i) to describe verbal fluency performance in adults with epilepsy by the use of the neuropsychological tests; namely Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT) and Category Fluency Test (FAS), (ii) to explore the association between verbal fluency scores and the clinical characteristics of Epilepsy; [...] READ MORE

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Love Bombing and Grooming in Cluster B Personality Disorders

Sam Vaknin

Put together, these techniques create a shared psychotic space within which the shared fantasy thrives on false promises and make believe role play. Whenever the woman tries to exit this common territory, she is punished with sadistic sex, egregious abuse, withholding, or rejection. [...] READ MORE

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Theory of Mind, Breast Cancer and Depression: Is Cancer Taking Over Your Social Cognition? A Comparative Study From Eastern India

Arunima Datta1, Shrenik Ostwal2* & Subpiramaniyam Sivakumar3

Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to attribute mental states to oneself, to others. Studies have established ToM deficits in patients with depression, autism, schizophrenia. But, no study so far has investigated the status of ToM in breast cancer patients who often suffer from depression. [...] READ MORE

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Cerebrovascular Disorders During COVID-19 Pandemic: What Should We Know

Ghaydaa Shehata, A.

A New detected a virus called COVID-19 reported by World Health Organization (WHO) as pandemic at March 2020 COVID-19 is affected mainly by respiratory illness, but it can also affect the brain. Cerebrovascular disorders are recorded COVID-19 pandemics but are not effectively addressed how to deal and treat them. In this review, I try to discuss the postulated neuronal mechanisms of the coronavirus infection sequelae. [...] READ MORE

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The Relationship Between Nutrition and Cognitive Function in Middle Aged Breast Cancer Patients in Eastern India

Arunima Datta1, Shrenik Ostwal2*, Sanchari Roy3 & Subpiramaniyam Sivakumar4

Adequate nutritional status is necessary to optimize brain function and prevent cognitive decline. Studies have established relationship between cognitive decline and nutritional assessment in older patients with cancer. [...] READ MORE

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Social Marketing of COVID-19 and Its Impacts on Psychological State of Mothers: A Sudden Case of Diabetes Associated With Stress Resulting From COVID-19

Ahed Alkhatib, J.1,2

Social marketing is used in the medical context to impact the public to achieve certain objectives, including, but not restricted to, the use of oral contraceptives. Media was extensively used to influence people staying at home and keeping social distancing. [...] READ MORE

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Neuropsychiatric Manifestations in Relation to SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Juan Enrique Bender del Busto1*, Marcel Mendieta Pedroso, D.2 & Roberto León Castellón3

Since Hippocrates, the role of the brain in mental illness has been accepted and Neuropsychiatry has been introduced as the integrating specialty of psychiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, and neuroscience in general. In light of the patients described with the Acute respiratory syndrome in Wuhan, China, which has spread and considered a pandemic, an analytical summary of the scientific evidence available regarding the involvement of the nervous system by the coronavirus 2019 and its impact in t [...] READ MORE

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Mental and Cognitive Disorders in Older People With Subclinical Thyroid Conditions

Mila Vasilj Mihaljevic1,2, Zvonimir Bosnic3,4, Karolina Veselski5, Domagoj Vucic6, Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric2,4*

It is well known that thyroid disorders are associated with impairments in cognitive function and the appearance of symptoms of mental disorders. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy was shown to ameliorate these symptoms. During aging, subtle changes in regulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary- thyroid axis and in serum concentrations of the pituitary thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) can be observed, [...] READ MORE

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Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis Impact Assessment on Symptoms, Mental and Cognitive Functions in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: A Short Review of the Literature

Chatzintounas T.1*, Chatzidimitriou M.1, Chatzintounas A.2, Kyriazidi M. A.2, Mavridou M.1 & Kavvada A.2

Nowadays there has been renewed interest in the therapeutic applications of medicinal cannabis, and people, particularly those with multiple sclerosis (MS), claim that it may have beneficial effects in their symptoms control. There is evidence (although inconsistent) supporting the use of cannabis or its derivatives for their therapeutic potential in treating MS symptoms. [...] READ MORE

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Why Illicit Drug Use Is Increasing in Ethiopia? From Economics Perspective of Drug Use Control Policy

Mende Mensa Sorato1*, Majid Davari2, Akbar Abdollahi Asl2 & Fatemeh Soleymani2

Use of psychoactive substances is playing a great role for increased disease burden and decline in socioeconomic status in Ethiopia. Drug control policy should address demand, supply and risk of drug use related problems. Despite the implementation of comprehensive national drug control master plan since 2017, the trend of licit and illicit drug use is increasing in Ethiopia. The purpose of this review was to answer the question why illicit drug use is increasing in Ethiopi [...] READ MORE

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