Volume 3  Issue 4

Effective Communication Skills and Patient’s Health

Faisal Abdullatif Alnaser

Communication is the link between getting information and passing it to other people. The purpose of communication is broad; however, it could be limited to; get and give information, which is the most popular purpose. All living creatures communicate with each other; however, the methods differ. Even plants talk to each other either through the air by releasing odors or through the soils via some chemicals. [...] READ MORE

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The Gender Differences and Coping Mechanism of Dealing With COVID-19

Saeed, T., Tahir, S.*, Tomy, K. N., Mahmood, N., Fernando, A. & Mahalingam, A.

To understand the psychological impact of Covid-19 on people and to provide support to individuals going through the effect of this pandemic.
A questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale was developed by a team of psychologists at Kidsheart Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE, to assess and evaluate mainly anxiety due to this pandemic. [...] READ MORE

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Answering Neurological Questions Psychologically: A Case for Neuropsychology in Africa

Obosi, A. C. & Balogun, S. K.*

The two unique fields of Neurology and Psychology share several things in common especially with respect to the final goal of improving human lives and modifying human behaviour. They may adopt various techniques to reach this goal, however, they both share similar concerns and are not mutually exclusive of the other. [...] READ MORE

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