Characterization of the Therapeutic Communities “Montesanto” (Rome, 2008- 2012) And “Casa de Alba” (Estremoz, 2020-2022): Brief Notes

Marcelo Azeredo Leone Lino Rodrigo

The article invites a reflection on the differences and similarities between two democratic therapeutic communities, one public and located in an urban environment (Rome, Italy) and the other private and situated in a rural environment (territory of Estremoz, Portugal). [...] READ MORE

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The Adolescent Brain: Neurocognitive Risks and Educational Opportunities

Martha S. Burns1,2* & Logan De Ley1

This review of adolescent brain neurobiological and cognitive development begins with a summary of current research on adolescent structure-function development. The aim is to summarize the current research on how neuroanatomical changes relate to cognitive function, and which cognitive factors may contribute to academic struggle and associated social/emotional or behavioral issues. [...] READ MORE

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Humanities and Spirit in Cell Science. A Cell Could Be Considered a Universe for Learning Behavior

Mukhopadhyay, A. K.

This is an era of science when there is a remarkable mismatch between the amount of data on hand and the lack of related concepts and ideas in the mind. In such a period of time, this review article is penned down based on the career-long experience of the author on the observable behavior of the biological cell system in normal and pathological states. [...] READ MORE

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Economic Crisis, COVID-19, and Beirut Port Explosion: Impact on Substance Use, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD Among University Students in Lebanon

Roula Haddad1 , Raymond Bou Nader2 & Eliane Abi-Jreich Besson1

Background: In 2020, Lebanese people experienced various stressful and traumatic events, such as the economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Beirut port’s explosion. People exposed to such circumstances are at high risk of developing several mental disorders. [...] READ MORE

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