Volume 3  Issue 2

The Mystery in Mother’s Blood: An Early Look to the Genetic Inheritance of Fetus

Ebru Dündar Yenilmez*, Mustafa M. Alparslan & Abdullah Tuli

The discovery of cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in the maternal circulation have opened up new possibilities for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) more than one decade. Analysis of cffDNA from maternal plasma by PCR based technologies and high resolution melting analysis (HRM) offers great potential screening single gene disorders for NIPD. The aim of our study is to screen the paternal alleles derived from father in cffDNA for the risk of alpha and beta thalassemias using HRM assay using cffD [..] READ MORE

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A Case of a Large Mucinous Cystadenoma in a Pregnant Woman Misdiagnosed as a Large Uterine Fibroid


Mucinous cystadenoma (MC) of the ovary by definition is a unilateral, multilocular cystic and benign epithelial tumor. We report here a successful surgical management of a large mucinous cystadenoma misdiagnosed as a large uterine fibroid first in a pregnant woman. [..] READ MORE

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Development of an Evaluation Scale On the Reasons for Drug Use: Validation for Portuguese Youth and Their Relation to Risk Behaviours

Marta Reis1,2,3*, Gina Tomé1,2,4, Lúcia Ramiro1,2, Fábio Botelho Guedes1,2, Filipa Coelhoso1,2,5 & Margarida Gaspar de Matos1,2

The main objective of this study was to validate a construct, the scale of 11 items on the reasons for consuming drugs for a sample of young people in Portugal. It intends to reflect on the main reasons why young people use drugs, as well as whether these are associated with characteristics of youth groups and risk behaviours, [..] READ MORE

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Sensitivity and Specificity of Trans-Cutaneous Bilirubinometry versus Serum Bilirubin in Preterm Infants: A Single-Center Experience

Elsayed Salama, I.1,2,3*, Mohamed Bahbah, H.4, Behery Behery, E.1 & Wallaa Mohamed4

To assess the transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) measurements, in preterm neonates, versus total serum bilirubin (TSB) testing.
The study carried out, in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), on 51 babies. Babies have same ethnicity, [..] READ MORE

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Branding of the Nursing Profession in Saudi Arabia: Current State and Future Steps

Roaa Gassas, RN, MSN

The absence of a proper professional brand had affected the status of nursing nationally. Many of the current issues require reconceptualisation instead of radical solutions. Transforming the roles of nursing management and staff nurses can positively influence career branding. [..] READ MORE

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Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Complicated by Ascariasis- Our Experience

Obonna, G. C.1* & Obonna, M. C.2

Penetrating abdominal trauma typically involves the violation of the abdominal cavity by gunshot wound (GSW) or stab wound (SW). The surgical complications of ascaris lumbricoides have been well documented, however very few studies have tried to elucidate the impact of ascariasis in patients with penetrating abdominal injury. [..] READ MORE

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