Volume 3  Issue 6

Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic: Does Social Support Count? A Cross-Sectional Survey among Lira University Students, Northern Uganda

Maxson Kenneth Anyolitho1*, Amir Kabunga2, Lucas Goodgame Anyayo2 & Rebecca Nakaziba3

COVID-19 pandemic that began in Wuhan, in India towards the end of 2019 has the world catastrophe of the 21st-century. As a result, all sectors of the world’s economies have been seriously disrupted. In the education sector, academic programs were interrupted differently depending on their stages of implementation. [..] READ MORE

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Psychiatric Patients in Modern Ghana and Their Adaptive Various Sanctuaries

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye*, Vincent Adzika, Manuela Amorin & Carla Mulambo Dos Santos

This study aims to firstly find out how patients deal with their mental disorders using the traditional resources without entering into the psychiatric hospital for treatments. What psychiatric problems do they suffer? What are the various pharmaceutical drugs administered by these practitioners? What roles do group support play in the lives of these patients? [..] READ MORE

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Bilateral Carotid-Cavernous Fistula: Indirect Signs to the Magnetic Resonance Study of the Orbits without the Use of Paramagnetic Contrast

Carlos Vilchez, A. S.1, Nina Abreu, M. P.1, Pablo Coimbra, P. A.1, João Rodrigues, P. C.1, Caio Malveira1, Fernando Carvalho, M.1, Laura Gomes, V. M.2 & Antonio Junior, G. L.1*

Bilateral cavernous carotid fistulas are rare, it is an abnormal vascular shunt from the carotid artery to the cavernous sinus.
Case Presentation
We report a case of a 55-years-old woman, who developed Barrow’s type D carotid-cavernous fistula. [..] READ MORE

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The Absolute Zenith Complex Psychiatric Condition: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Personality of Dictators

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye

The clinical approaches for treating psychopathology in the terminologies of Sigmund Freud were employed to study the personality structure of dictators. The theory depicts how an individual’s personality is formed, moreover, how the dynamics of personality growth or its development could look. [..] READ MORE

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Assessment of Relationship between Nutritional Status and Cognition of Primary School Children in Ilesa, South West, Nigeria

Oluwasola Julius OKE*, Samuel Ademola ADEGOKE & Oyeku Akibu OYELAMI

Childhood malnutrition poses both short and long term burden to children. Many children have low cognitive function sequel to long term effect of malnutrition. The adverse effects of malnutrition on the cognition of children have not been well researched in Nigeria, [..] READ MORE

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Employees’ Self-Perception on COVID-19 Sources of Information: Case of Higher Institutions of Learning in Buea

Busi Ernest Neba1* & Gilles Yumo Nyuidzewira2

The study is title “Employees’ self-perception on COVID-19 sources of information: Case of higher institutions of learning in Buea”. Crisis communications play a critical role in crisis management and emergency response. This is because crisis management and emergency response through information from sources remains immutable. [..] READ MORE

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