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Microbiologist, a scientist who studies microscopic life forms and processes is of high importance these days. This includes the study of growth, interactions and characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi and some types of parasites and their vectors. Microbiologists work to increase scientific knowledge and to utilize that knowledge in a way that improves outcomes in medicine and industry. Microbiologists working in the medical field, such as clinical microbiologists, may see patients or patient samples and do various tests to detect disease-causing organisms. Microbiologists will continue to be needed to advance basic science knowledge and to contribute to development of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. While some fear microbes due to the association of some microbes with various human diseases, many microbes are also responsible for numerous beneficial processes such as industrial fermentation like the production of alcohol, vinegar and dairy products, antibiotic production and act as molecular vehicles to transfer DNA to complex organisms such as plants and animals.

Scientists have also exploited their knowledge of microbes to produce biotechnologically important enzymes such as Taq polymerase, reporter genes for use in other genetic systems and novel molecular biology techniques such as the yeast two-hybrid system.

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Latest Articles

Histopathological Study in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Mice Treated With Tapinanthus globiferus Flowers Extract

Mofeed Al- Nowihi1*, Maher Al-Absi2, Abdu Faisal2, Fatima Al-Futaini1 & Gawed Al- Asbhai

The aim of this study is to investigate the capacity of flower extracts of Tapinanthus globiferus to reverse pancreatic injuries in alloxan-induced hyperglycemic mice.
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disorder, which affects over 150 million people in the world today, and this will be doubled by 2025. DM is considered the sixth leading cause of death globally. [...] READ MORE

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AstraZeneca-Oxford and Moderna Future Vaccines and Remdesivir, Dexamethasone as a Palliative Remedy and Anger at the Biological Institute in Israel. Meanwhile - High Hopes

Shimon Shatzmiller

Two months after the first cases of atypical pneumonia were reported in Wuhan, China.
Four months later, there are at least 130 vaccine candidates being developed by biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as academic groups around the world. [...] READ MORE

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Cytokine Storm: A Coronavirus Complication

Shimon Shatzmiller*, Galina Zats, Inbal Lapidot, Ludmila Buzhansky & Rami Krieger

We Did Not Return: The Serious Side Effects of Corona Healers
Even after recovering and expecting to return to normal - many corona patients report many damages that do not pass • Severe physical symptoms as well as serious mental consequences that persist over time [...] READ MORE

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Coronavirus Disease 19, the Large-Scale Coronavirus Pandemic

Samad Farashi Bonab1, Abdolfattah Sarrafnejad2 & Nemat Khansari1*

Corona viruses are enveloped viruses possessing a positive-sense single stranded RNA genome and a capsid with helical symmetry. These viruses have the largest genome (26 to 32 kilobases) among RNA viruses. These viruses were termed Corona virus due to their crown-like morphology under electron microscope. Corona viruses infect humans, other mammals, and birds and can cause respiratory, enteric, hepatic, and neurologic diseases as well as kidney and cardiac problems. So far, seven species of [...] READ MORE

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COVID 19 in Israel

Shimon Shatzmiller*, Rami Krieger, Inbal Lapidot, Galina Zats & Ludmila Buzhansky

Anyone can get infected with SARS-CoV-19, but people with a higher risk of serious illness need to take extra care. People with severe underlying medical conditions, such as heart or lung disease or diabetes, may be at increased risk of COVID-19 complications. [...] READ MORE

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In Vitro Activity of Bacteriophage and Chitosan Against Sea Water Isolated Bacteria

Asdren Zajmi1*, NurAfiqah Azmi1 , Yasohdha Anne Sundraraj1 & Safaa Saud, N.2

The primary cause of morbidity and mortality is the soft tissue infections after bacterial infection with saltwater exposure. Bacteriophages were being considered to be bacteria that absorb viruses, so active bacteriophages can be applied theoretically to prevent bacterial infections. Chitosan, a partly deacidified natural polymer derived from a crustacean shell or fungus, which has antimicrobial potential. [...] READ MORE

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Antibacterial Activity of Blowfly (Lucilia sericata) Against Pathogenic Bacteria

Nur Amirah Bazilah Nor Azizan1, Asdren Zajmi1*, Safaa Saud, N.2 & Salleh Ismail1

Resistant to many antibiotics, microorganisms have developed tremendous clinical problems in the treatment of infectious diseases. This study intends to identify the presence in the larval of Lucilia sericata of antibacterial properties. In order to achieve the objective, the body of the insect larval was injured by a sterile needle and larval extracts were prepared in three different pH, namely acidic (pH 5.0), neutral (pH 7.0) and alkaline (pH 8.0) buffers or water. [...] READ MORE

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Application of Dyar’s Law to Determine Nymphal Instars of Macrotermes bellicosus (Smeathman) [Isoptera: Termitinae]

Bandiya, H. M.1*, Danjumma, B. J.1, Yahaya, M. M.1, Bello, A.2 & Baki, A. S.3

Observations on the nymphal instars of Macrotermes bellicosus were made to determine the applicability of Dyar’s law. Fifty nymphs each of various sizes were collected from three different mounds of M. bellicosus. The nymphs were sorted and then placed in Petri dishes separately. [...] READ MORE

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Effect of COVID 19 on the Human Body

Shimon Shatzmiller

The special hospital site is preparing for the doomsday, but in the ER, more are still trying to get used to the quiet.
The eve of the holiday and the Corona epidemic changed the face of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Hospitals. [...] READ MORE

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The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on the World

Shimon Shatzmiller

Coronaviruses are enveloped RNA viruses that cause respiratory illnesses of varying severity from the common cold to fatal pneumonia.
COVID-19 is an acute, sometimes severe, respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2.
Treatment of COVID-19 is supportive. No vaccine, antiviral drug, or other specific treatment is available. [...] READ MORE

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