Volume 1  Issue 6

A Creative Proposal to Improve Woman and Child Health: from the Knowledge of Physical Nanoscience to Nanotechnology Implementation and Products

Hendry Izaac Elim (Elim Heaven)1-7*, Mapanawang, A. L.8 & Reddy, M. V.9,10

A creative proposal to improve woman and child health was developed from the knowledge of physical nanoscience to nanotechnology implementation and products. Two steps multitasking protecting health of woman and child based on a simple knowledge and understanding were applied by deriving [1] [..] READ MORE

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Domestic Violence: Implications to the Family and Society

Obeagu Getrude Uzoma1 & Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi2,3*

Domestic violence is a way of insultive behaviour in any association that is adopted by one partner to dominate another intimate partner and can occur to everybody irrespective of age, sexual orientation, race, religion or gender. [..] READ MORE

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Diarrhoea Disease: A Dangerous Childhood Disease

Obeagu Getrude Uzoma1 & Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi2,3*

This seminar work dealt with diarrhea disease; a dangerous childhood disease. Diarrhea is the passing of watery stools more than three times a day with the highest incidence occurring during the weaning period. The objectives of the study were discussed which include types of diarrhea like acute watery diarrhea, chronic diarrhea and dysentery. [..] READ MORE

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Eating Disorder Psychopathology: Compulsive Exercise Interventions

Trevor Archer* & Max Rapp-Ricciardi

Eating disorder psychopathology, on the basis of the clinical evidence generally reported, would appear to be more frequent among female sufferers than among males with their forms, dimensions and co-morbidities expressed as different typologies, such that in the males binge-eating disorder was over-representative as opposed to the excessive prevalence of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa often combined with alexythemia among female sufferers. [..] READ MORE

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Household Integration Care: A Potential New Strategy in Improving the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses

Ndugbu Kizito1*, Chukwuocha Adanna1, Nzeribe Emily1, Enebeli Ugo1, Igwe Chidinma2 & Chukwuocha Uchechukwu1

Malaria, Pneumonia and Diarrhoea have together caused most childhood deaths particularly in resource poor underserved areas though they are preventable. The Integrated community case management (ICCM) strategy has been adopted to improve access to treatment of children at risk of these diseases. [..] READ MORE

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Ultrasound Guided Drainage and Laparoscopic Manangement of Gaint Ovarian and Para-Ovarian Cyts: Report of Two Cases

Emre Kole*, Sener Gezer, Merve Cakir Kole & Alparslan Pulur

Bening ovarian cysts are common among women in reproductive age and very few of them reach large sizes. Giant ovarian cysts are usually managed by laparotomy. There is still no consensus for the size limitation of ovarian cysts. Minimal invasive approachs to facilitate the administration of laparoscopy may be applied in such patients. [..] READ MORE

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