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The idea of CPQ Neurology and Psychology Scholar’s Issue aims to coalesce ongoing, progressive research in the fields pertinent to neurology and psychology. As the scientific world is moving with a vast research, exhibiting the ideas and concepts of scientists on a platform is also important for future generation that finally results in an outcome of healthy society. In light of these challenges, this scholar’s issue intends to bring state-of-the-art research and developments in neurology and psychology. Researchers are invited to contribute articles that seek to understand the various concepts, address those challenges, and provide future improvements in this research domain. Neural sciences and mental health is a broad term that pertains to a system that involves the maintenance and improvement of medical services in order to cater the medical and clinical demands of the people. The ever growing demands of the people, particularly the patients, has been widely recognized and cannot be undermine. In fact, if we take a look back in the past centuries, the vast range of changes that has happened and continues to happen in the modern society is clearly seen globally. These kinds of changes involve the advancement of health care system and services that is a result of the innovation of technology. As the world population grows day by day, importance of health is considered to be one of the top priorities in this modern society.

Therefore, we invite you scientists to submit an article on your topic of interest that can range from a paragraph up to five pages. The journal requests a nominal fee of only $199.00 to support the gold open access policy.

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The Self in Dementia

Sylva Sarafidou

The self is a highly abstract construct, challenging to address in research. The self within dementia tended to be perceived as ‘gone’ due to the nature of the disorder. This though is problematic both theoretically and practically. There are both theoretical and experimental data that indicate the existence of the self, throughout the course of neurodegenerative disorders, fact which raises several important implications. The self should be targeted in the [..] READ MORE

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Hostility in Chronic Diseases

Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric* & Stolnik, D.

Mental disorders in older people, notably anxiety and depression, have received significant attention of researches in the last decades due to the recognized disabling effect of these disorders on the development and course of chronic somatic diseases and the quality of life. Disturbed mental health cannot be limited only to the well-defined mental disorders, but includes a range of negative moods and emotional reactions to the environmental and social stressors, that oscillate in intensity and [..] READ MORE

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Pros and Cons of Using BioFire FilmArray in the Diagnosis of Meningitis/Encephalitis

Marta Valentim

Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) is a life-threatening entity, hence a rapid diagnosis and treatment is required to minimize the morbidity and mortality [1]. In United States there are approximately 4.100 cases of bacterial meningitis and 20.000 of encephalitis per year, with 12% and 7% of mortality associated, respectively [1].
Nowadays we have several diagnostic procedures for identify different microorganisms in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) responsible for ME: the gram stain (the current gold [..] READ MORE

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HNPD (Head, Neck, Pain, Disorder) Clinical Sign: A Possible, New Clinical Sign Suggesting Serious Underlying Pathology in Head or Neck

Chatzintounas Thomas

We describe a possible new clinical sign, which could denote serious, underlying pathology in posterior cranial fossa, the clivus or in the upper part of neck. For practical purposes instead of writer’s name as it is common, the given name indicates the presumably position of [..] READ MORE

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Complex Thinking and Big Data

Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric

Increased knowledge in many areas begins to destabilise the background way of thinking of the classical science - the reductionist thinking. Changing the paradigm towards the science of complexity and complex thinking is difficult, as our systems of research and education are [..] READ MORE

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Comorbid Mental and Somatic Disorders: The Two Sides of the Coin

Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric1,2*, Sanja Bekic1 & Igor Filipcic3

The dominant current approaches in organisation of healthcare services manage somatic and mental diseases separately from each other. The growing body of evidence suggests that there is a close relationship between these two major groups of diseases at the genetic, [..] READ MORE

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