Volume 1  Issue 5

Hence Proved, Human Brains Are Not Just Enlarged Mouse Brains; “Rosehip Neurons” the Unique Brain Cell in Cerebral Cortex That Makes Us Human

Divya, R.1, Rajajeyakumar, M.2* & Ashok, V.3

Rosehip Neurons
An international group of scientists reported a rosy discovery. They found a new neuron which was never described before. What makes it unique is that these neuronal brain cell with its exclusive gene expressions, idiosyncratic shape and assorted networks was not described before and now in mice [1]. [..] READ MORE

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Functionality, Autonomy and Executive Function in Patients with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder

Carol Palma1,2*, Álvaro Frías1,2, Eloi Giné2, María Martínez2, Mertixell Anton2, Mónica Hernández2 & Núria Farriols1,2

Cognitive deficits in psychotic disorders can be potential markers of the prognosis, among other factors. Initiative, planning, adaptability, concentration and consistency/regularity are very valuable competences in the labor market and it is possible and foreseeable that psychotic patients will probably have problems in obtaining and maintaining a job. [..] READ MORE

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Paraplegia Revealing Primary Extradural Spinal Hydatidosis

Salem Bouomrani1,2*, Nizar Khlass1, Moez Ben Ayed2,3, Oussema Souissi1 & Nesrine Regaïeg1,2

Spinal hydatidosis is exceptional: prevalence estimated at less than 1% of all localizations of the hydatid disease. Extradural forms of spinal hydatid cyst are rare and only a few sporadic cases have been reported in the medical literature. [..] READ MORE

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The Organisational Learning of Manpower Service Cooperative as Basis for Organisational Development Plan

Sonia Janice Pilao1, Maria Dolores Dela Cruz1 & Dennis Relojo-Howell2*

This study sought to establish that like other organisations, cooperatives can also benefit from the application of organisational development concepts. In the case of this cooperative studied, the main objective is to help and improve the quality of life of its members. [..] READ MORE

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Some Aspects to Consider in Epilepsy Mortality

Juan Bender del Busto, E.1* & Liuba Hernández Toledo2

Epilepsy represents a global health problem and is considered as old as humanity itself and one of the most frequent disorders of the Central Nervous System. Patients suffering from this disease have a higher mortality than the population, so it is necessary for health professionals to know the possible causes of death, which is the main objective of this article. [..] READ MORE

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Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries in Aging Patients. A Light and Electron Microscopic Study

Orlando J. Castejón

We have studied the pathological changes involved on severe and complicated human head traumas associated to subdural hygroma or hematoma in old patients. Light and electron microscopy study of four patients ranging from 58 to 80 years old, with severe brain traumas and associated subdural hygroma and hematoma were examined. [..] READ MORE

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