Volume 1  Issue 4

Some Considerations in the Postsurgical Clinical Evolution of Patients with Refractory Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Juan Enrique Bender del Busto

Epilepsy is a global public health problem that requires an adequate response. According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 50 to 69 million people suffer from this disease, the majority living in developing countries, where the quality of life is worse and the incidence of infections of the Central Nervous System (CNS) is greater [1].
Epilepsy, in turn, is considered as old as humanity itself and one of the most frequent [..] READ MORE

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Assessment of the Quality of Life of Young Men Suffering from Epilepsy

Voitiuk, A.1* & Litovchenko, T.2

Recently, quite a lot of publications appeared on the problems of epilepsy in women. However, we should not forget that this disease affects the men. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the quality of life of men aged 18-44 years, suffering from epilepsy. According to the results of the study, the patients assessed the average quality of life as “average” or “low”. [..] READ MORE

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Jealousy, Infidelity and Physical Attractiveness in Young Adults

Josep Mercadal1* & Carles Perez2

This study focused on the variables physical attractiveness, infidelity and jealousy with the goal of studying whether there was a relationship between people with higher physical attractiveness scores and lower jealousy scores and a more favourable attitude towards infidelity. To accomplish this, we had a sample of 87 subjects (34 men and 53 women). [..] READ MORE

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Perceived Organisational Support and Prosocial Behaviour on Workplace Commitment among Nigerian Bank Employees

Onah Caleb1, Deborah Onah2 & Dennis Relojo-Howell3*

This study seeks to examine the influence of perceived organisational support and prosocial behaviour on workplace commitment among bank employees in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State. A cross sectional survey design was adopted for this study to examine the influence of perceived organisational support and prosocial behaviour on workplace commitment. [..] READ MORE

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The Arts in the Treatment of Dementia

Sylva Sarafidou

Dementia is a complex neurodegenerative condition, with many growing cognitive symptoms. Still, dementia can lead to a variety of other symptoms as well, such as emotional, and behavioral, all of which interact and enhance each other. [..] READ MORE

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ErGen: A Computational Model for the Decomposing of Redundancy in Synergic Motor Control

Chris Budziszewski* & Art Pilacinski

Efference copy and forward-error correction, while key in theory, have not until recently been considered proven. In our research, we consider how forward modeling can be applied to the synthesis of neural motor control. [..] READ MORE

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