Volume 1  Issue 2

Neurophysiological Deregulatory Pathways Produce Psychosomatic Disorders

Naisberg Yakov

The traditional medical model has been adopted to explain somatoform and psychosomatic disorders from the novel neuropsychological perspective of neurological science beyond these disorders. For most chronic diseases, the early immune state is characterized by innate mutation genes that interact with multiple factors, including continuous exposure to stress. There are two stages in developing somatoform and psychosomatic diseases. The first one due to genetic predisposition or genetically acquir [..] READ MORE

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Impact of Cyberbullying on the Mental Health of Mexican Young Adults

Gloria Margarita Gurrola Peña1*, Patricia Balcázar Nava1, José Luis Ybarra Sagarduy2, Luz Adriana Orozco Ramírez2 & Priscila Montañez Alvarado3

The main purpose of this study was to identify the impact of the various forms of cyberbullying on university students. We worked with a sample of 1508 students from four universities in North and Central Mexico. After giving informed consent, the students answered the Symptoms Checklist-90-Revised (SCL-90-R) and the Cyberbullying Victimization Questionnaire (CBQ-V). With the resulting data, descriptive statistics were developed to show the prevalence and differences by gender of cyberbullying, [..] READ MORE

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Autism Awareness; Can Health Care Providers Recognize the Signs

Abeer Mohammed Alharbi

Although the dramatic increase in autism prevalence over years’ worldwide, yet the health care provider’s (HCPs) knowledge about the disorder is insufficient to meet the complex needs of autistic individuals. The present study examined the awareness and knowledge of autism among (HCPs) in Saudi Arabia. [..] READ MORE

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Pro-Dopamine Regulator (KB220) A Fifty Year Sojourn to Combat Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS): Evidence Based Bibliography (Annotated)

Kenneth Blum1-10*, Edward Modestino, J.7,11, Marjorie Gondre Lewis, C.7,12, David Baron1,7, Bruce Steinberg7,11, Panayotis Thanos, K.7,13, William Downs, B.10, David Siwicki6,7, Lisa Lott7, Eric Braverman, R.4, Mark Moran7, David Miller8, Lyle Fried7 & Rajendra Badgaiyan, D.7,14

We are facing a significant challenge in combatting the current opioid and drug epidemic worldwide. In the USA, although there has been notable progress, in 2017 alone 72,000 people died from a narcotic overdose. The NIAAA & NIDA continue to struggle with innovation to curb or eliminate this unwanted epidemic. The current FDA list of approved Medication Assistance Treatments (MATS) work by primarily blocking dopamine function and release at the pre-neuron in the nucleus accu [..] READ MORE

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Pathology of Lysosomes and Lipofucsin Granules on Human Brain Cortex. A Review

Orlando Castejón, J.

In the present review we describe the lysosomal and lipofuscin granule alterations in congenital hydrocephalus, severe and complicated human brain trauma, vascular malformation and brain tumors. In congenital hydrocephalus areas of cytoplasmic focal necrosis are observed surrounding the lysosomes, suggesting the release of lysosomal enzymes. Lipofuscin granules are also observed in neonate and infant patients with congenital hydrocephalus, suggesting that lipofuscin formation is a life span proc [..] READ MORE

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A Complete Study of the Human Brain and the Nature of Masculine and Feminine Principles of the Human Psyche Including Quantum Dynamics

Tumanako William Hongi Pugh

‘A Complete Study of the Human Brain and the nature of Masculine and Feminine Principles of the Human Psyche including Human Dynamics’ is a complete revised and review of my work regarding the Human Psyche in its’ male and female roles regarding masculine and feminine, yin and yang principles at play in relationship with a family field of operations regarding polar charged equals and opposites in Non-dualistic states of consciousness relating to the field of Psychology and how the anthropologica [..] READ MORE

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