Volume 4  Issue 2

A Practical Guide Regarding Carbs and Sugar Intake Amount for Controlling Postprandial Plasma Glucose (A Part of GH-Method: Math-Physical Medicine)

Gerald Hsu, C.

This paper provides effective guidelines to control postprandial plasma glucose for type 2 diabetes (T2D) patients. Most food nutrition literatures use terminologies for measurements such as serving size, grams, calories that can be difficult for T2D patients to understand and let alone to be used as a guide. [...] READ MORE

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Effect of Gliricidia sepium Leaf Meal on the Growth Performance of Archachatina marginata

Adewumi, A. A.1*, Osunkeye, O. J.2 & Ajewole G. M.1

Domestication of the giant African land snail, Archachatina marginata, requires diets of a good quality to balance the nutrient requirement. Therefore, this study examined the effect of leaves of forest tree, Gliricidia sepium as a diet (GSLM) on the growth, performance and proximate composition of meat of A. marginata. Ninety (90) giant African land snails, Archachatina marginata, were randomly allotted into five (5) experimental treatments. [...] READ MORE

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