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An Anaesthesiologist or Anaesthetist, a physician trained in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine is very essential to provide medical care to patients in many different ways. During preoperative evaluation, in consultation with the surgical team, they create an anaesthetic plan tailored for each individual patient taking into consideration the patient’s medical history and the type of surgical procedure planned. Anaesthesiologists have the primary responsibility for monitoring the patient's vital signs during surgery. If the procedure requires the use of special monitors, such as arterial catheters, the anaesthesiologist also takes the typical responsibility for placing them. Anaesthesiologists also ensure that patients remain in the proper position, such as keeping the patient's head aligned during a surgery.

Research is an important part of the field of anaesthesia that enables to continuously improve the vital task of rendering patient’s unconscious for surgery, making it safer than ever.

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Aim and Scope

Subject areas include, but are not restricted to the following fields:

Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Anaesthesia Ventilators, Anaesthetic Administration, Anaesthetic Monitoring, Anaesthetic Pharmacology, Anaesthetic Techniques, Analgesics, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, Chronic Pain, Critical Care & Trauma, Epidural Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia, Geriatric Anaesthesia, Inhalation Anaesthetics, Local Anaesthesia, Malignant Hyperthermia, Muscle Relaxants, Neuraxial and Regional Anaesthesia, Non-Pharmacological Methods, Obstetrical Anaesthesiology, Paediatric Anaesthesiology, Pain Management, Peripheral Nerve Block, Regional Anaesthesia, Sedation, Sedatives, Sleep Medicine, Surgical Anaesthesia, Ultra Sound Anaesthesia, Vascular Anaesthesia.

The objective of CPQ Anaesthesia and Pain Management is to publish articles in all related aspects.

Latest Articles

Hidden Truths in Medical Research. What We Need to Know from Meta-Analyses and Why We Need to Be Careful? A Paradigm from Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy in Clinical Practice

Michele Claudio Vassallo

Throughout the last century investigators have studied and debated the usefulness of many pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in medical practice. In time our knowledge of evidence based medicine has grown, but translating this amount of information in complex systems is not effortless [1]. [...] READ MORE

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Oligoanalgesia in the Emergency Setting

Ozgur Karcioglu1* & Banu Arslan2

Although the goal of therapy in acutely painful conditions is to supply adequate analgesic to relieve pain, these situations are known to be underevaluated and undertreated in EDs in virtually all parts of the world. [...] READ MORE

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