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Agriculture is one of the vital branches that involves various techniques of cultivation, agronomy and plant breeding. An Agriculturist is a professional who deals with the study of agriculture, plant cultivation, farming, crop production and so on. They are necessary in every stage of agricultural engineering and agricultural economics. The main focus of Agriculturists is on the evolving methodologies of intensive farming, tillage, horticulture and geoponics for healthy green vegetation and to ease the cropping systems. Agriculture represents the sustainable development of farming, food production and development ought to be a prime concern of all societies. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable to fragmented land-holdings, soil erosion and food safety, many of which can be effectively prevented or treated by the Agriculturists.

Advancement in agriculture research empowers to treat the major agriculture issues.

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Aim and Scope

Subject areas include, but are not restricted to the below fields:

Agronomy, Irrigation, Fertilization, Intercropping, Clear-Cut Harvest, Cultivation, Tillage, Plantations, Legumes, Hydroponics, Crop Rotation, Pest Management, Pest Control, Cross-Pollination, Heritage Breeds, Pesticides, Forest Gardening, Cover Crops, Agroforestry, Cultural Heritage, Pastoralism, Waterlogging (Agriculture), Bio Fibres, Permaculture, Double Cropping, Agricultural Revolution, Horticulture, Strip Cropping, Dry Farming, Agribusiness, Mixed-Farming, Weed Management, Vertical Farming, Hydroseeding, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Chemical Fertilizers, Shifting Cultivation, Gardening, Monoculture, Polyculture, Agroecology, Threshing Stone, Windrow, Fertigation.

CPQ Agriculture aims at publishing articles in all the related arenas.

Latest Articles

Rose Varieties and Their Caring in Bangladesh

Ashraful Kabir1* & Ataur Rahman2

At the present context of Bangladesh in flower business without roses this sector is really incomplete. The size, color, and varieties of roses are increasing day by day. All nurseries or roof of the houses have many varieties of roses. People always like large and red-colored roses. [...] READ MORE

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Vermi-Compost: An Eco-Friendly Manure in Agricultural Sector of Bangladesh

Ashraful Kabir

In this modern period, when world is going to attach with chemical fertilizer in the field, no way without organic manure. Chemical free safe food is an urdent item in our daily life. Through this, vermi-compost in the crop field or on rooftop gardening ensures our insecticide free environment. In the wildlife especially birds will come in garden and can enjoy by taking those live insects. [...] READ MORE

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Future of Cut Flowers in Bangladesh

Ashraful Kabir1* & Ataur Rahman2

In this modern world, it is very easy to ornament in most places by using flowers. Moreover, most of our houses we can cultivate some types of flowers in balcony or rooftop. It has nice coloration and scent is adorable. For removing unemployment status, it is a good way for gaining money. Flower culture is very enjoyable business. [...] READ MORE

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Nurture the Nature by Rooftop Gardening

Ashraful Kabir

Either rural or urban the rooftop can be a good place for gardening. Minimum three decimal spaces are not bad at all. With this activity the gardener can get enjoy for nourishing those plants. For avoiding insecticides in crop field these rooftop fruits and vegetables are good for human health. For rooftop gardening, some wildlife especially birds may come. So for ecological aspects this gardening system is good. [...] READ MORE

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Survey on the Utilization of Urban Waste Compost, Vermicompost, Fertilizer in Different Parts of Iran: A Library Study

Sanaz Dadashi

Background and Purpose
According to the World Food and Grocery Association (WHO), between 34% and 63% of world agricultural production has been rising due to the use of fertilizers. Increasing the excessive use of fertilizers and the negative effects of these [...] READ MORE

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