Volume 5  Issue 2

Socio-Demographic and Work Related Variables as Predictor of Persistence of Back Pain and Disabilityamong Civil Servants Receiving Physiotherapy in Tertiary Health Institutions in Kano State, Nigeria

Olowe Olajide Olubanji1, Abdulsalam Abdullah2*, Sani Alhaji Na’Allah3 & Owoicho, N. S.1

The development and persistence of low back pain may be influenced by several factors which include lifestyle factors, previous pain symptoms, psychological factors, work place factors as well as socio-demographic variables. The focus of this study was to determine the socio-demographic and work-related variables as predictor of persistence of back pain and disability among civil servants receiving physiotherapy in tertiary health institutions in Kano, Nigeria. [...] READ MORE

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Physical Activity Habits and Educational Preparation on Physical Activity Counseling Among Healthcare Professionals in Ethiopia

Getu Teferi

Health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) is a term used particularly “any form of PA that benefits health and functional capacity without tiredness”. The purpose of this study is to assess the habits and educational preparation on physical activity of healthcare professionals. [...] READ MORE

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An Alternative Approach to the Treatment of Knee Hemarthrosis: Short Stretch Compression Bandaging

Gilbert Siu1*, Emily Cahalan2 & Todd Mingin3

Recurrent hemarthrosis in the knee joint is an uncommon disorder, often seen in the elderly population with severe knee osteoarthritis. Once diagnosed, the hemarthrosis can be treated conservatively with rest and pain medications, or invasively with joint aspiration or surgery. This case report describes the use of short stretch compression bandaging for the treatment of knee hemarthrosis. [...] READ MORE

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Latent Risk Factors Associated With the Worldwide Occurrence of Congenital Talipes Equinovarus: A Review

Vaishnavi Pandey1, Ajai Singh1*, Sabir Ali2, Amit Kumar Gond3, Salma Siddiqui4, Manish Yadav2, Archana Raikwar1 & Anamika Singh1

Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV) is the most frequently reported congenital abnormalities that influence children’s lower limbs in particular. With the prevalence of 1-2 percent per 1000 births worldwide, it occurs mainly in males as opposed to females in a 2:1 ration and is bilateral in about half of cases. The etiology of CTEV can eventually play a role in determining the prognostic and the choice of therapeutic interventions for an individual patient. [...] READ MORE

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