Volume 5  Issue 1

Open Reduction and Percutaneous Screws Fixation of Displaced Calcaneal Fractures. A Review of 60 Fractures

Mohamed Samir Kassem1, Elsayed Morsi2* & Bahaa A. Motawea1

Treatment of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures remains controversial. The unsatisfying clinical results after conservative treatment of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures resulted in a reappraisal of the surgical approach. Although the literature generally supports operative treatment of these injuries, there are still certain disorders that may impede wound or bone-healing. [...] READ MORE

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The Cane: Mechanical or Sensorial Support?

Almada, F.1*, Fernando, C.2 & Vicente, A.3

Researching is not measuring. Researching is to find useful answers to interesting questions.
The ability to collect data, to accumulate and transmit information, and to massacre that information until we get the answers we want, has grown exponentially in the past tens of years and will continue to increase explosively. [...] READ MORE

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Insomnia in the Patients With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Behzad Saberi

Insomnia can affect the patients with traumatic brain injuries and should be diagnosed and treated properly. There are some signs and symptoms which are related to this pathology which can help the health care professionals to diagnose this pathology properly. Also finding the best treatment strategies for this pathology is of importance. [...] READ MORE

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Hip Fractures and the Impact of COVID-19

Ray Marks

Hip fractures, which remain an important costly health concern in aging populations that commonly lead to disabling hip osteoarthritis, and or premature death continue to occur despite a general fracture reduction amidst the 2020 coronavirus lock-down period. Although generally amenable to emergency room admittance followed by treatment, a question arises as to whether there is any tangible impact on survival, [...] READ MORE

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Medial Cuneiform Traumatic Fracture Dislocation: A Case Report and Literature Review

Amjad Ismail Ilyas1*, Yasser Alsahafi1, Mohammed Ahmed Al Sobeai2 & Subhi Zino Alarki, M. K.3

The medial cuneiform articulates with the navicular and first metatarsal bone. Moreover, its significance comes from the attachment site for different ligaments. Isolated fracture dislocation of the medial cuneiform bone is rare.
Case Presentation
A 30 years old male, smoker, who works as a driver. He sustained a front collision, road traffic accident. Right foot swelling with a positive wrinkle sign had noticed. [...] READ MORE

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Rules of Prophylaxis for Hips and Spine - Children and Adults - in Points and Figures

Karski Tomasz

In the article the author described the cardinal rules of prophylaxis and therapy for hips in small children and in adults. In article is also presented fundamental knowledge about biomechanical etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis, classification, rules of new therapy. [...] READ MORE

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