Volume 1  Issue 3

Pregnancy and Cushing’s Syndrome

Emre KÖLE* & Merve KÖLE

Pregnancy in Cushing’s Syndrome (also known as hypercortisolemia) is rare. When contractions occur, the complication rates, especially hypertension and preeclampsia are high. Abortions, preterm deliveries and stillbirths are more common. During pregnancy, the pituitary gland is one of the hormonal glands that undergoes most significant anatomical and physiological changes. During a normal pregnancy, hyperplasia occurs in lactotroph cells in the pituitary gland and this results in physiological g [..] READ MORE

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Pregnancy and Iodine Prophylaxis

Emre KÖLE* & Merve KÖLE

Iodine is one of the essential elements required during pregnancy and lactation. Fetal severe mortality and morbidity can be seen in iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency is a global health problem. Daily iodine intake should be [..] READ MORE

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Considerations to Improve Public Health in Today’s World

Rafael Corona

It is a privilege to be able to write my ideas about the situation that public health is facing nowadays, for which I express my greatest gratitude to the management of the CPQ Women and Child Health magazine. [..] READ MORE

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The Promotion of Healthy Universities: A Systematic Review

Marta Reis1,2,3*, Lúcia Ramiro1,2, Diego Gomez-Baya4 & Margarida Gaspar de Matos1,2,5

Universities are important organizations in what concerns the creation and improvement of health and wellbeing, thus healthy universities represent a key application of the health-promoting settings approach. The healthy Universities concept has a strong theoretical basis, and it appears appealing amongst universities worldwide. However, the way in which the approach has been implemented remains poorly grounded in theory. This systematic review aims to describe how universities have implemented [..] READ MORE

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Haematological Parameters of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Nakaseke Hospital, Central Uganda

Kyakulaga Philip, Mwambi Bashir, Atuhairwe Christine & Taremwa Ivan Mugisha*

Establishment of haematological ranges is key to laboratory diagnoses and management of pregnancy related complications. The parameters to a large extent ought to be population based, never the less, there are limited studies on the reference ranges of pregnant women for the local population. This study reports on the haematological parameters of pregnant women attending antenatal care at Nakaseke Hospital, central Uganda.
Materials and Methods
A cross sectio [..] READ MORE

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Smartphone Social Network Services for Female User in Taiwan: Grounded Theory Analysis

Yi-Sheng Wang

This study began with a microscopic of the smartphone social network services, leading to a comprehensive view of social context. To decompose the female user value in the smartphone social network services, using a three-stage coding process through grounded theory. The contribution of this study is to reveal a theoretically-saturated of a conceptual framework, and to discover the fourteen theoretical propositions. [..] READ MORE

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