Volume 1  Issue 1

Bone Problems in Young Children-A Narrative Review

Kanika Shanker

Bone disorders in children can be divided into problems of bone mineralization, density and bone matrix. It can present with problems in gaining height, fractures, bone deformities and biochemical disturbances in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and hormones -vitamin D and parathyroid hormone. [..] READ MORE

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Digital Information and Communication Technologies as a Care Tool for Women and Children

Marcos Renato De Oliveira

Nowadays, we are experiencing a revolution in the areas of Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICT), in which every day professionals and clients are surrounded by a variety of technological products, and it is therefore pertinent that those technologies are allies in the care process. [..] READ MORE

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Study of the Solid Waste Management Production in Selected Hospital of Bam- 2016

Rahil Ghorbani Nia1* & Shahriar Sharifi Shirmardi2

In recent years, the production of hospital waste has been increasing rapidly and the management of these wastes has not been addressed. This study aimed to investigate th0e status of solid waste management in the selected hospital in Bam. [..] READ MORE

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Obesity in School-Going Children in Pakistan

Muhammad Amjad

Keeping in view the increasing trend of obesity in school-going children in Pakistan, I made up my mind during the course work of my PhD program, that I will share my contribution by conducting a well-organized qualitative & quantitative research work on the obesity of school-going children. [..] READ MORE

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Childbirth Experiences Affect Mother’s and Infant’s Health

Eleni Hadjigeorgiou

Childbirth is one of the most important events in women’s lives and has a unique impact on mother’s and infant’s health. A positive birth experience is associated with long - lasting benefits for mothers, neonates and derives to profound feelings of empowerment and achievement to the women. [..] READ MORE

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Violence over the Women in the Family

Lejla Mušic

Violence over the Women and Children globally, is rising every year. The physical violence influences the sexual violence, involving the economical violence and psycological violence, forming the circulus vitiosus of domestic violence. Domestic violence reports, inside the sociological theory(Giddens) state that almost every women and child, globally, has been violeted in family at least one time, during their life course. [..] READ MORE

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