Volume 1  Issue 5

Exercise for Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Orlando Angulo

Osteoporosis is a major problem in Western societies, especially if we take into account the complications that this entails: fractures in vertebral bodies, neck of the femur and wrist. Patients presenting these types of complications also experience an increased morbidity and mortality [1,2,3]. [..] READ MORE

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Review of Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Repair: Techniques and Outcomes

Cameron Kia1, Yasser Faraj2, Emily Isch1 & Vinayak Sathe1*

Newer minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques of the Achilles tendon are ever evolving with few reviews examining the long-term data along with comparisons to open procedures. The purpose of this study is to review the literature on various percutaneous techniques of Achilles repair, along with their clinical outcomes. [..] READ MORE

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Do Aggressive Course of the Disease Predicts Total Joint Replacement Surgery in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Evija Stumbra Stumberga1*, Gaida Krumina2, Silva Senkane3, Olga Voika4, Liana Ziedina5 & Edgars Vasilevskis6

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease. It causes chronic inflammation of joints manifesting with swelling, pain, synovitis and joint destruction. High work disability rates, as well as functional decline due to knee and hip joint destruction can lead eventually to both total knee and hip replacement surgeries. Little is known about the predictors of the prevalence of joint arthroplasty over the course of the disease. Therefore, verification of the predictive factors of ag [..] READ MORE

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Arthroscopic Repair of Type 2 Superior Labral Anterior Posterior Lesions in Young Elite Female Overhand Athletes: Assessment of Postoperative Return to Play

David M. Burt, MD1*, Chris E. Stout PhD2,3, Lindsey Loughran ATC4 & Grace A. Wang BA3

To examine return to overhand sports and level of play in a cohort of young, elite, female, overhand athletes after arthroscopic repair of type 2 SLAP lesions, as most of the literature focuses only on male baseball players.
A case series in which we retrospectively reviewed 12 young, elite, female, overhand athletes at the high school, club, and college levels who underwent arthroscopic repair of a type 2 SLAP lesion. Average age at surgery was 16.25 years [..] READ MORE

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Epidemiology and Injuries in Traffic Accidents: Pedestrians Hit and Run Victims in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Caio Vinicius da Fonseca Silva1, Raphael Muszkat Besborodco1, Georgia de Sá Cavalcante Teixeira1, Laura Nicolau Nassif1, Amanda Paolla Natal Santos1, Victória Maria Aguiar Fonai1, Victoria Sanna Schimith1, Isabella Ferlini Cieri1, Mariana Becker Pfeferman1, Bianca Baptista Altieri1, Víctor Gabriel Denardi Cordeiro Silva1, Cintia Leci Rodrigues2*, Patricia Colombo-Souza2 & Carlos Górios3

External causes have gained relevance in the last decades due to the important impact that these diseases have on health care and assistance, raising the costs in the sectors and levels of care involved, besides having a great relevance in the morbidity and mortality of the population. The services that are most burdened by the high demands resulting from the accidents are mainly public emergency services, specialized assistance, physical rehabilitation, psychological and [..] READ MORE

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Anxiety and Osteoarthritis Research and Clinical Implications

Ray Marks

Osteoarthritis, a widespread highly painful oftentimes incapacitating joint disease with few efficacious remedies continues to pose immense personal and societal challenges on a large scale in an aging population. In absence of any effective cure or treatment for this condition, this brief was designed to update the reader as to whether anxiety, a widespread psychological syndrome affecting many adults, remains an underestimated contributor to osteoarthritis disability. Drawn from the prevailing [..] READ MORE

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