Biomechanical Engineering Ethics

Travis Greer

Medicine Specialist in Greenville, South Carolina

Dr. Travis Greer, Medicine Specialist in Greenville, South Carolina.

Keywords: Biotechnology; Engineering; Genetic Modification


Biomechanical engineering is one of the most fascinating concepts in the field of ethics, involving many revolutionary technologies. Biotechnology has now given us the ability to restore the function of paralyzed nervous systems, and the ability to control organic and mechanical mechanisms via electrodes. This new era of innovation allows us to defy the normal limits of evolution. This era of Transhuman or Posthuman modification has been marked by Markus Rehm the blade jumper. He could jump a distance of 8.4 meters; farther than the gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics. Consequently, with great technology comes unforeseen consequences. Progressives support the unlimited application of this new technology; while, conservatives actually prohibit any application which will give normal individuals an advantage. Their basis is supported by an assumption of unequal distribution of technology, giving specifically wealthy individuals access, causing even more inequality today.

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