CPQ Orthopaedics (2021) 5:2
Ethical Paper

Biomechanical Engineering Ethics

Travis Greer

Medicine Specialist in Greenville, South Carolina

*Correspondence to: Dr. Travis Greer, Medicine Specialist in Greenville, South Carolina.

Copyright © 2021 Dr. Travis Greer. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received: 09 February 2021
Published: 18 March 2021

Keywords: Biotechnology; Engineering; Genetic Modification

Biomechanical engineering is one of the most fascinating concepts in the field of ethics, involving many revolutionary technologies. Biotechnology has now given us the ability to restore the function of paralyzed nervous systems, and the ability to control organic and mechanical mechanisms via electrodes. This new era of innovation allows us to defy the normal limits of evolution. This era of Transhuman or Posthuman modification has been marked by Markus Rehm the blade jumper. He could jump a distance of 8.4 meters; farther than the gold medals in the 2012 London Olympics. Consequently, with great technology comes unforeseen consequences. Progressives support the unlimited application of this new technology; while, conservatives actually prohibit any application which will give normal individuals an advantage. Their basis is supported by an assumption of unequal distribution of technology, giving specifically wealthy individuals access, causing even more inequality today.

Conservatives are afraid of unfair enhancements; Alternately, they actually support biotechnological therapies aimed to help the disabled. These include regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, and even gene therapy. Regardless of stance, the area of this technology in which poses the most drastic social consequences is gene editing. Scientists can now use strategies involving Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, a way to compare and contrast DNA sequences to understand its language. These advances have allowed both Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning making it possible for parents to pursue things like Designer Babies or even edit their own genetic sequences. Even more unpredictable are the effects of genetic mapping on society. With autonomy in consideration, faulty genetic attributes could be labeled as the new aids or chronic diseases; Instead, individuals seek out partners based on the quality of their genetics rather than other determinants. If genetic information was made available, it would lead individuals to value each other by one’s own genetic composition.

Genetic Modification proposes a new construct for the social fabric of society, with relationships no longer about having families, but for the pursuit of epigenetics values, leading scientists to actually reconstruct the DNA of babies via Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. John Sperling and others will continue to invest vast amounts of money into this technology, allowing them to actually play god. Things such as the forced sterilization of people deemed mentally defective in the USA during the 1920s would take place, but with genetically based partner selection. With all things considered, many risks have been proposed, but are these risks avoidable? As seen with any governmental regulation, people always find a way to get what they want illegally. Oftentimes regulations endanger citizens by provoking more crime. Ultimately, leading us to question whether or not we can actually limit and control Biotechnological Advancements as we do with other things.

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