Volume 1  Issue 5

“Prognostic Significance of Bax and Bcl-2 Gene Expression and Their Ratio in Carcinogenesis”

Gehan Abdel Naser Abdel Rahman

The ability of malignant cells to escape from apoptosis is a hallmark of cancer; cancer cells show several characteristics that would readily stimulate apoptosis in normal cells-such as, they violate checkpoints of cell cycle as well as withstanding the exposure to cytotoxic agents; Because of these characteristics, cancer cells tend to survive. [..] READ MORE

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Evaluation of Osseous Regeneration Using Autogenous Bone Graft, Biphasic Calcium Phosphate and Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Combined With Hyaluronic Acid in Critical Sized Rabbit Femoral Defects

Abou Samra, A. A.1*, Nassar, M. M.2, Saudi, H. I.2 & Raghib, A. M.3

To compare bone regeneration in critical sized femoral defects in a rabbit model after the application of autogenous graft, biphasic calcium phosphate bone graft and biphasic calcium phosphate bone graft in adjunct to hyaluronic acid gel.
Material and Methods
6 white New Zealand rabbits about 3-6 months of age were included in this study. Three identical bony defects were created in each femur. [..] READ MORE

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Unmet Oral Health Needs of Basic School Pupils in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana

Mary Dsane

Prevalence of caries in young children is worldwide. Parent perception is a contributor in dental nonattendance. Reduction in prevalence of periodontal disease help reduce associated systemic diseases. This research seeks to assess the oral disease burden amongst basic school pupils and the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of the people. [..] READ MORE

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COVID-19 Infection: What Every Health Care Professional Should Know About It

Marcelo Caliman Sato1, Gabriel de Toledo Telles Araujo2, Levy Anderson César Alves3, Frederico Buhatem Medeiros4, Lilia Timerman5, Raquel Garcia D'Aquino Caminha6 & Paulo Sérgio da Silva Santos2*

SARS-Cov-2 virus has high infectivity and spreads very quickly throughout the world. The way viruses connect to the host needs to be well understood to establish health care safety preventive measures. Investments in research and adoption of criterious biosafety standards are necessary for the control of infections caused by viruses. [..] READ MORE

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The Psychological Status and Patient Self-Esteem During Orthodontic Treatment

Alexandrina Muntean1, Dana Gabriela Festila2*, Mircea Ghergie2, Bogdan Dragomir3, Adriana Bulboaca4 & Magdalena Enache5

In the last decades, the awareness of individuals for oral health, shape and position of the teeth alongside the facial appearance and smile has increased enormously and this can affect their mental health status and well-being. Orthodontic treatment has a significant psycho-social impact on patients that suffer from malocclusions. Despite the widespread expectation that orthodontic treatment improves psychological well-being, there is little objective evidence to support this. [..] READ MORE

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The Effect of Ball and Socket and Bar/Clip Attachments in Implant-Retained Complete Mandibular Thermoplastic Overdenture on Masticatory Performance: A Crossover Study

Hamam, F. A.1*, Farahat, M. Y.2 & Baraka, O. A.3

To evaluate the effect of ball and socket and bar/clip attachments in implant-retained complete mandibular thermoplastic overdenture on masticatory performance.
Subjects and Methods
Ten completely edentulous patients divided into two groups: Group I (n=5) [..] READ MORE

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