Clinical Psychotherapists Will Acquire Macro Biophysical Neurophysiological Tools to Eliminate Chronic Mental Disorders

Naisberg Yakov

Free Lancer, Haifa Israel

Dr. Naisberg Yakov, Free Lancer, Haifa Israel.

Keywords: Psychotherapy; Mental Disorders; Cognitive Wellbeing


Clinical psychotherapists should be professionally aware that they play an independent medical role in protecting and treating mentally ill chronic patients, who are in fact overly physical and proactively direct them through strategies, tools and techniques that block pathological factors.
The latter are blocked by an internal distress that requires the release of mental processes to a unified body-brain and mind. Basic medical intervention requires identification of the cause of the underlying pathology and the means to be used therapeutically to prevent, neutralize, and eliminate the chronic sources and replace them with long-term internal balance. In this view, clinical psychotherapists already contain the core means of a psychotherapy alliance that no other medical experts have, but they must carefully examine how to identify the most malignant external and internal stressors that have a strong effect on abnormal neuronal loop operation (ANLO) that feeds the mental chronical conditions. They should know that by repeatedly discussing past traumatic experiences during dynamic psychotherapy analysis, the patient is actually ‘ventilating’ the symptoms of previous traumatic sensations to continually strengthen ANLO driving the traumatic body’s operating ranges (BOR) stage of activity and thus sharpen the patients’ hyper-vulnerability.

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