How Really Secure Is TOR and the Privacy It Offers?

Christos Beretas, P.

PhD Candidate (Full Scholarship) in Cyber Security at Innovative Knowledge Institute, Paris, France

Dr. Christos Beretas, P., PhD Candidate (Full Scholarship) in Cyber Security at Innovative Knowledge Institute, Paris, France.

Keywords: Tor; Onion Servers; Security; Privacy; Attack; Vulnerabilities; Networks


The TOR network is an anonymity network whose real power and the vulnerabilities that accompany it only few people known. There are several suspicious Servers worldwide that haunt the operation of TOR, Servers with strange behavior who participate in a honeypot programs, not only users who use the TOR network do not enjoy the privileges of real anonymity, on the contrary they are vulnerable and their traces are mapped. There are Active Servers in the TOR network that collect information but also attack the other TOR servers that are active in the network in order to reduce their functionality and then convert a honeypot network while the users are unawareness. It is worth noting that suspicious TOR servers may or may not be on professional infrastructures.

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