Volume 1  Issue 3

The Impact of Children's Obesity on Oral Health

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.

Today, overweight is one of the main concerns of parents. For this reason, they try to reduce consumptions of harmful snacks in their children by limiting the sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, and even fast food and junk foods. [..] READ MORE

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Specific Acid-Etched Dental Enamel -The Relationship with Functional Units

Michel Goldberg

The structure of dental enamel integrates different levels of functional units, displaying complexity. Rods, synonymous of prisms, and interred, synonymous of interprismatic substance, are the constituting elements of the assembly of calcium/phosphate monocristals elements in dental needle-like HAP [(Ca10(Po4)6(OH)2]. [..] READ MORE

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The Phenomenon Which the Pediatric Dentistry Is Confronting in the 21st Century!

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.

From the point of view of dentistry, 8 concepts that need to be addressed in the 21th Century are so important that a review of them is of particular importance. These issues include:
1. Technology
As we see, technology is changing rapidly and its effects on dentist and dentistry are evident. Painless dentistry is an example of the progress which is performed by an expert dentist with the application of the lasers. [..] READ MORE

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The Causes of Black Stained Teeth in Children and Ways of Treatment

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.

The most common causes of blackening of teeth are caries or cavities that should be addressed as soon as possible. On the other hand, the blackening of the teeth may be the result of stains formation on their surfaces. Children's teeth cause distress and discomfort to the parents. [..] READ MORE

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Lip Profile Angles in Persons with Different Dentoskeletal Pattern -A Cephalometric Study

Tatjana Perovic1*, Milena Blažej2 & Ivan Jovanovic3

The analysis of the lips position is one of the most important soft tissue analyses indicating the stability of the front teeth position and facial aesthetics. The aim of this study is to establish the values of the soft tissue lip angles of a facial profile in subjects with the dentoskeletal pattern of Class I taken as a control group in relation to Class II division 1, Class II division 2, and Class III. [..] READ MORE

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The Evaluation of the New Beauty Proportions of the Face and Profile of the Most Famous Models of the Last Decade

Latifa El Mouden*, Salma Jdii, Safaa Elbaghdadi & Farid El Quars

Facial aesthetic has always been a major preoccupation, for patients as well as dentists, orthodontists, maxillofacial and plastic surgeons. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the new female facial proportions that can influence the appreciation of facial beauty based on the most prominent models of the last decade “face photos” to consider the impact of its new values on current orthodontic therapeutic choices. [..] READ MORE

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