Volume 1  Issue 2

The Nonsignificant of the Role of Oral Health Instructors in Iranian Schools

Mohammad Karimi, D.M.D., B.S.

Having healthy teeth plays a very important role in the health of the body and mind. A charming and beautiful smile is the best factor in individual charm. Since students sometimes might suffer from oral and dental injuries, they should be treated as soon as possible. [..] READ MORE

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Microstructures, Hardness and Corrosion Behaviours in a Neutral Artificial Saliva of a Series of {Cobalt-Chromium}-Based Alloys; Influence of the Presence and Contents of the Minor Elements W, Mo and Si

Xin Li1, Patrice Berthod1,2* & Estelle Kretz1

Dental cobalt alloys devoted to the constitution of frameworks strengthening fixed partial dentures may be based on cobalt and chromium. Such alloys generally contain also other elements such as tungsten, molybdenum and silicon, for example. These minor elements may [..] READ MORE

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Implementation of CAMBRA Protocols by Dental Fraternity in Three Major Cities of Pakistan

Asaad Javaid Mirza1*, Rafiq Moosa2, Mohammad Khalid Shafiq1, Shaheen AbuBakar1 & Saadia Saad3

Caries is a multifactorial disease which has been conventionally treated in the past by surgical intervention as a primary measure to treat it. In-depth knowledge about cariology, biomaterial sciences and innovative technology, makes it possible to manage caries without drilling. The [..] READ MORE

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Ways to Encourage Children to Brush Their Teeth

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.

It's not easy to encourage children to brush their teeth and keep their oral hygiene healthy. Typically, brushing is not one of their favorite things to do, so they can avoid doing it anytime. Surely, children are unaware of the consequences of not brushing; otherwise, they would not forget it. From their point of view, brushing, like all the other things parents want their children to do, is a dreadful practice that they have to do before going to bed or before going to school.
Collaboratio [..] READ MORE

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The Hidden Danger of Using Kid's Toothpaste

Karimi, M., D.M.D., B.S.

Components of toothpaste for children are adjusted to their age. The goal is to use them in order to keep both baby teeth clean and remain healthy, and have no special side effects for the child. On the other hands, the companies try to make the packaging and flavor of children's toothpaste to be attractive for children so that parents buy them. [..] READ MORE

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Bilateral Subepithelial Connective Tissue Grafts in the Treatment of Gingival Recession: Case Report

Camila Possal de Paula1, Nathale Cruz Batista2, Diego Ribeiro Martins2, Isis Andrea Venturini Pola Poiate3 & Gabriela Alessandra da Cruz Galhardo Camargo4*

Gingival recessions can present aesthetic problems, root hypersensitivity, root caries and cervical abrasion and can difficult the plaque control. It can be treated by several periodontal plastic surgery technics, such as subepithelial tissue grafts. [..] READ MORE

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