Volume 1  Issue 1

The Importance of Dental Floss in Improving Children’s Oral Health

Karimi, M., D.M.D.

Today, many children are suffering from oral and dental illness, psychological, emotional and learning problems from untreated diseases of the mouth and teeth, because they did not receive preventive, educational and therapeutic services on time; and parents did not pay enough attention to these matters. [..] READ MORE

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Apicoectomy: Case Series

Viren Shirish Patil*, Mayur Limbhore, Ramanojam Shandilya, Ajinkya Kadam & Shivani Chavan

This paper reports a case of a recurrent periapical lesion treated with enucleation of the lesion, apicoectomy, and root end obturation on a lower anterior teeth and right first molar. In the case of conventional root canal treatment failure, non-surgical retreatment is the preferred option in most of the cases. Several factors such as a complex root canal system or previous procedural accidents may impede the success of non-surgical retreatment. The authors have performed root-end resection and [..] READ MORE

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Hypersensitivity with Consumption of Oral Metronidazole (Skin Rashes on the Whole Body)

Mohammad Karimi, D.M.D., B.S.

Consumption of oral Metronidazole (in form of suspension), may be related to a case of hypersensitivity which might be accompanied by signs and symptoms including skin rashes, hives (urticaria), fever, redness flushing ,and itching on the entire body. With the application of the Prick test, the allergists found that patient showed a positive result to Metronidazole. [..] READ MORE

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The Use of Implants and “MKI” Precission Attachment on Mandibular Rehabilitation, A Case Report

Amir Khalid

The achievement of full mouth rehabilitation is the main goal of patient and dentist, and the use of implant for such a purpose is an attractive alternative procedures [1-4]. The main target of Implantology is to achieve patient’s comfort and esthetic [..] READ MORE

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Association of Glucosyltransferase with Streptococcus Mutans and DMFT in Caries Active Children

Anoop Kumar1, Nithya Jagannathan2* & Yekkoluku Nagaranjitha2

The aim of the study was to establish a relationship of dental caries with the GTF and streptococcus mutans count to determine the caries active individuals. [..] READ MORE

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Auto-Transplantation of Tooth an Experience

Chandresh Jaiswara

Facial aesthetics is always a prime concern for a young patients and teen age in the current population in developed and developing country like india. Any deficiency in anterior tooth anomaly may create anxiety and depression. [..] READ MORE

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