The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care and Research

Winston Wong, PharmD

W-Squared Group, Longboat Key, Florida USA

Dr. Winston Wong, PharmD, W-Squared Group, Longboat Key, Florida USA. Email:

Keywords: Cancer Care; COVID


No one predicted what the impact of COVID-19 upon globe would have been. The impact has been devastating, from a humanistic as well as from healthcare perspective. However, I am constantly reminded that no matter where the final numbers tally out to with respect to the human tragedy, COVID-19 thus far is not even close to the Great Flu Epidemic in 1917 during World War I. What makes the difference now is that we are already familiar with the virus, and in some respects, we have some idea how to treat it, albeit it is mostly symptomatic at this point in time. Some would even contend that control of the spread of the virus has not changed, in that the CDC and WHO are stressing the importance of good hand washing, covering one’s face and nose when coughing and sneezing, and staying home when feeling ill. Maybe it is our own sense of immortality that is the main barrier to containment.

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