CPQ Neurology and Psychology (2020) 3:4
Theoretical Paper

Macro Biophysical Neurophysiological Voluntarily Recruited Placebo Inducing Means Complementary Protect High Risk Groups From Coronavirus Complications

Naisberg Yakov

Freelance, Haifa, Israel

*Correspondence to: Dr. Naisberg Yakov, Freelance, Haifa, Israel.

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Received: 09 November 2020
Published: 18 November 2020



A new insight into how the human macro biophysical neurophysiological work under the influence of the corona virus pandemic is disclosed. The insight indicates dual, medical and public unawareness of the vital need to raise personal resilience level in addition to epidemiological measure implemented across the globe. Lack of awareness has added new stressors to increase general internal distress (GID) among subjects with high-risk groups that cause hypersensitivity to viral infection. Unfortunately, the article published by the current author in 2015 did not address [1] the need to equip high-risk groups with tools that increase resistance to corona virus and other pests. If awareness had existed there would have been waves of infection controlled more successfully.

To describe the cause of GID and its elimination.

Through medical literature analyzes of the flattening curve of the global corona virus epidemic combined with the author’s research and practical experience in managing high-risk subjects’, there is a dual approach. A. Preference for public prevention over treatment in the same training rehearsals of strategies, tools, techniques, means and skills. B. They have been seamlessly merged with other professional medical care programs to gradually replace victims of GID infection in body operating ranges (BOR) that protect the body’s serenity and thus reward it biologically with a positive emotion and inner cognitive well-being experience.

Chronic multi-morbid subjects were exposed to only epidemiological protection and were left without personal protection. The GID developed an increased abnormal neuronal loop operation (ANLO), which in turn regulates the accelerated body operational ranges (BOR’s) leading to hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity to any negative life event scenario (LES) and to local ecological and social constellation of antecedent conditions (COAC’s). GID is the root of the transient blockages of voluntary macro biophysical neurophysiological regulatory capabilities that leave such a victim helpless and hopeless. Psychological treatment without providing a physical background of the voluntary biophysical neurophysiological regulatory mind does not achieve solid stability.

The public needs the personal protective means described in the given article. There are two excellent professionals, clinical psychotherapists and academic nurses who, after gaining knowledge in a short-term training workshop with rehearsals, will be able to equip high-risk groups with protection in different communities. The advantage rests on available manpower with a small budget for their preparation. Equipped with macro biophysical neurophysiological tools at a professional level equivalent to specialist physicians, they will build a bridge to integrative medicine for highrisk subjects that will help them without side effects, safe, effective and simple safeguards to raise their resilient level and quality of life.

The corona virus pandemic impotently placed medical doctors across the planet disarmed with no existing primary prevention. Why? The article [1] sheds light on ‘how to calm the body and strengthen the personal resilience of any person in a high-risk group’. Unfortunately, doctors probably did not take the recommended principles and the macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanisms failed to strengthen them. The main point here is that all of humanity from a medical point of view is divided into two groups, healthy or sick in different balance ranges and imbalances. An integrally balanced body is mentally balanced. The physically unbalanced groups were blocked from controlling in many mental aspects [2]. Chignon et al [3] showed on a large sample that human life longevity has a heritable trait identified as 125 cis- and 559 trans-regulated genetic expressions with inner adaptive responses. Contrary to it [4] Ando et al displayed that T-lymphotropic virus type 1 originate a genetic biochemical positive feedback loop through astrocytes causing neuronal degeneration in subjects who developed a viral chronical myelopathy. In the same way the global chronic kidney disease represents a big medical problem based on heredity and environmental factors [5].

The leading point here is that the hereditary factors impair subject’s venous system too [6,7]. One can gain information of genetic influence upon risk factor in pulmonary obstructive disorder [8]. Thus, up to now presented evidence show how the unfavorable nature, that has generic expressions meet the disadvantageous nurture life event scenarios (LES) and ecological along with social constellation of antecedent conditions (COAC’s). These factors help to abnormally mutate normal genes and extend abnormal mutations in morbid subjects due to daily encounters with stress inducing LES and COAC. Chronical multiple comorbidities inflict upon global communities’ enormous economic burden in addition to crippling processes of human potentials due to many physical and mental capacities among all age groups [9,10]. Innumerous disparities in understanding the pathogenesis and therefore having a profound lack in personal awareness how to protect by preventive measures comorbidity [11,12]. Some investigation pointed their attention to the way of how to handle chronical multi comorbidity with treatment approaches [13,14]. A key point here is that the given article consists of two opposing bases: presenting an innovative view of the nature of homeostatic loss evidence on the one hand and at the same time on how to first stabilize the body with voluntary control and bring it into a transient homeostatic resynchronizing (THR) state.

Subjects at State of Their Organismic Equilibrium Self-Promote Their Lifestyle
Local environmental conditions are continuously driven by physically chaotic rules. In contrast, all biological entities through which man has evolved were evolutionarily developed and maintain a relatively internal equilibrium driven by the same physical laws, but biophysical rules are defined at the boundaries between lower-to-upper threshold levels of homeostatic reference frameworks.

The vital point here is that evolutionary circadian rhythms automatically regulate every night but voluntarily regulate the daily evolutionary physical and social stress on Earth and drive the components of the microcells of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, biochemicals and liquid. All these were driven by normal human genes to fixed internal requirements in tissues, organs and systems interacting with adaptive needs that have survived.

The essential point here is that such conditions were imposed by external unpredicted changes to develop an evolutionary control center with synchronic regulation to meet such changes and automatically comply to their beneficial internal state within the lower-to-upper and vice versa threshold levels of the homeostatic frames of reference. Hence, throughout civilized human history the external laws of physics and harsher social pressures influenced the same inner synchronized automatic control over subject’s life essences in groups who succeeded to preserve homeostasis.

The predominant point here underlines that subject in healthy category attached themselves to a scheduled daily life, physical exercises or sport, keep regular balanced nutrition and water drinks, lead a productive role in the family and society, and avoid holding using bias against their immediate surroundings. They take personal responsibility for their acts and how to balance intelligence duties and rights.

The fundamental point here is personal readiness in copying compatible social models of behavior subserving the basic need in a stress-free environment. The external information such person gains to raise her/ his higher intelligence level. This, in turn, rewards him or her with a healthier inner organism. Such person correctly uses adaptive patterns and proactively helps the environment keeping healthy too. These healthy subjects generate a proactive positive loop with their physical and social environment.

The main point here is that in opposite, those who developed desynchronized automatic control lost the micro homeostasis. Physical and social environmental pressures exist in the surroundings as macro sources which reflect their size, texture, consistency, color and sounds traveling through air in waves of different power velocity attached to any given life event scenario (LES) or given constellation of antecedent condition (COAC) to impinge upon outer biosensors of a macro human entity.

The dominant point here is that from this perspective a human subject perceives macro physical information driven via air in micro units. Human subjects possess outer biosensors that resonate with only matched intensity (power), frequency and duration of external waves. External resonate waves get in touch with outer surfaces of biosensors to induce their physical power to stimulate given sensors and originate an equipotent quantity of metabolic energy that in summary from all sensors of given surface guarantees providing a macro effect aiming to absorb and translate the given physical information units into micro biophysical neurophysiological information units in electronic streams.

The foremost point here is at every human subject contains specialized optical, acoustic, scent, taste and touch sensors that after translation their biophysical neurophysiological information units in waves flow through parallel specialized neuronal webs connectivity transporting the micro flow into specialized working memory centers a) for its cognitive meaning and b. for its body operating range (BOR) strength that in limbic region of the brain retranslate the BOR power into an emotional power of the given message.

The essential point here is that there the micro information flow is perceived in its original macro size relevant to the size that was activated on the part of the retina on both eyes and so for other sensors. The perceived, let say singular object or subject, LES or COAC scenarios get instantly identified and recognized. Further after they undergo reprocessing for an adequate macro feedback (reply) as a macro information content in connection with the emotional power.

The vital point here is that ultimately, it is inertly automatically delivered under a recalled code into a distinct repository library for storage. Such macro information content and attached to it emotional strength of the BOR may be stored without repeated usage for weeks, month or years in an immobile state. Under homeostasis when retrieved it will reach the same BOR level intensity with original emotion and in its cognitive meaning.

Homeostatic Conditions Provide Automatic Micro-Body Regulation and Voluntary Macro-Regulation of the Health and Well-Being of the Body Throughout Life
Macro biophysical neurophysiological homeostasis is a term for the definition of a micro/macro dual state and a process in which the state is represented by automatic microcellular regulation within a dynamic constant bounded by an lower-upward threshold boundary and vice versa and its process limits all intracellular components by the voluntary regulated four loading wakeful BOR and four nocturnal sleep phases of the organism’s tissues, organs and systems oscillating within the fixed electronic parameters defined by the lower-upper threshold and vice versa of homeostatic reference frames.

The key point here is to develop vigorous personal awareness of how proactively prioritize to keep one’s body in a persistent state and process of equilibrium, since it reflects health and well-being levels [15]. The latter must be matched with concorded macro synchronic speed-related motional processes due to life event scenarios (LES) and constellation of antecedent conditions (COAC) separate or together under stress-free conditions. Irrespective whether one faces past, present or imagines future LES or COAC, the ultimate given body operating range (BOR) level in parallel represents both paradigms, the cognitive content and its emotional power.

A decisive point here to sharpen is the necessity to advocate the best preventive measures that do not require complexity and can be presented in fieldwork with simple strategies, tools, techniques, means and skills arming subjects on spot for whatever pathology they have. For this reason, it is helpful to present the biological principles of health compared with chronical comorbidity.


Thus, how the human organism works in theory and practice it is clear that the basis for homeostasis is the synchronization of all systems in the body, including a strict immune system resistant to harmful factors including corona virus that will give when such a person is at the bottom of health and unaware becomes a viral carrier to infect others.

The Common Denominator for Non-Compliance With the Ministry of Health’s Rules to Flatten the Curve of Chain Infection With the Corona Virus
The key point here is that from a macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanism that controls healthy homeostatic conditions, such subjects will adapt irreversibly to meet their social demands over personal preferences in any dangerous infectious disease. Why? Because they are voluntarily regulated by unified executive control and supervision of the macro biophysical neurophysiological mind’s faculties that operate at the center of the brain’s working memory, to simultaneously regulate both, a. The autonomic neuronal networks (ANNs) that synchronize internal organs and systems, and b. The mental neuronal networks (MNNs) that synchronize the sensory and motor messages, respectively.

How much better to understand the terms of ANN and MNN? For practical reasons, they are anatomically separate electronic-analog wiring systems, but they work in parallel in synchronization to further the cognitive content of the message and its power strength expressed in given quantify body’s operating range (BOR), which by ANN directs it to the limbic center of the brain. Here the BOR stage is re-processed equivalently into the biophysical emotional power to be immediately perceived by the cognitive executive faculties. Thus, what do they have in common?

Together they have the same perceived message with an MNN of external inanimate physical information that translates it into original streams of micro-biophysical information units that will be reprocessed in the working memory center for original macro biophysical neurophysiological information message that requires from the mind’s faculties performing information. So, how is this done in each process? Each answer is a biofeedback on the formation of the basic homeostatic integration consisting of all the elements that meet the external expectations given by the executive mental center through the mental (motor) part of MNN that carries the cognitive-emotional cognitive pattern of a given behavior.

Such a personal biological anatomical organization synchronizes the speed related given BOR of the macro biophysical/biochemical neurophysiological processes due to external requirements for maintaining proper internal biofeedback for survival and adaptation at each unit of time. Another important point here is to emphasize that unlike healthy subjects, someone who has lost balance in the organism to varying degrees, suffers from loss of internal synchrony under a transient homeostatic deregulation (THD) with accelerated or decelerated BOR.

Subjects with accelerated BOR use excessive metabolic energy production that introduces hypersensitivity to any non-differentiated life event scenario (LES) or to a local ecological and social set of constellations of antecedent conditions (COACs) that blocks voluntary regulation. Subjects with slowed BOR have low metabolic energy production with hyposensitivity to any indistinguishable LES or COAC suffering from loss of energy, fatigue, and low social interest. In both cases there is an insufficient personal type of daily survival and maladaptation. The main point here is that daily unsatisfactory survival and withy poor quality of life and maladaptation can lead them to the chronical generalized internal distress (GID). Precisely people who suffer from GID have their mental system blocked to varying degrees due to physical disorders that produce the chronic distress. Most of them are not aware enough that the whole body is chronically damaged in one way or another without a medical diagnosis. This is a sufficient reason that they leave themselves without biological protection against dangerous pests and viruses. Instead of turning to a medical system or after many referrals to it they activate themselves with personalized treatment methods that provide them without knowing what kind of harm it is causing them [16].

First, they do not consider themselves sick and unaware that due to a physical problem the mental system in various aspects is blocked. What causes the mental barriers? A lot of problems, a lot of fatal mistakes that could have been prevented in time and do not adapt to social and environmental demands. Most of them have been exposed to non-compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health regarding the dangers posed by the Corona virus pandemic. For this reason, three subgroups of people who are negatively affected by such GROUP THINKING can be highlighted:

1. People with extreme religious beliefs that distort general obedience practices feel protected by prayers and requests of a higher power to guard them, fall victim to the disease and transmit infection to their family and social environment due to non-compliance with Ministry of Health recommendations. And they completely ignore the responsibility of the local and central authority in protecting for infections in the virus chain flattening control.
2. People in social groups with sharp conscientious personal development feel so healthy that most attend demonstrations, social gatherings or weddings contrary to the advice of the Ministry of Health and also ignore local and central authority directives and neglect the protection of flattening the curve of the corona virus chain.
3. People who are addicted to substances, alcohol, improper social games or engage in non-medical treatment themselves and feel “good” on a daily basis behave ‘unreasonably’ contrary to social risk and contrary to Ministry of Health recommendations, ignoring local and central authority control over the flattening curve of the corona virus chain infection.

Thus, how the human organism works under the transient homeostatic dysregulation (THD), it is clear that alongside poor internal synchronization, mental abilities are blocked by partial or full voluntary regulation, leading to one of two possibilities, increased or decreased velocities in body operating ranges (BOR), with over-sensitivity towards the corona virus that severely damages organs and internal systems including deaths.

Clinical Psychotherapists Equipped With Macro Biophysical Neurophysiological Tools Will Be Highly Effective in Medical Teams Against Coronavirus Pandemic for Increasing Resilience in High- Risk Groups
Clinical psychotherapists have many years of experience in practical psychological treatment even in its comorbidly population. Practical opportunity in many years of working together with the author this article has shown that over thirty professionals each differently acquired tools, techniques, means and skills in treating chronic posttraumatic patients with multiple physical illnesses. And these are the means they have acquired. 1. The great empathy and the addition of the projection of warmth and patience towards everyone from the first meeting in intake and later this tool became more and more solid. 2. Listening with great interest and undivided attention to the patient of a therapeutic conversation has become a constant tool in understanding patients that it releases stress in them. 3. The safe tool perceived by patients that the professional never judges them for their behavior because he recognizes them as trustworthy in their reporting. 5. A tool of knowing that a professional will do everything for them to make it even easier for them to make extra contact on the phone to make sure they get along. 6. Confidence in knowing that their professional is learning their strengths and weaknesses in detail and this helps patients more openly bring the successes and failures alike without feelings of disappointment, conscientious or negative feelings.

7. Another essential tool for the professional that the patients have absorbed is that as soon as they expect him to contact a key person in the family or community, it will pave the way for him to do and practice together. 8. A tool of shared human equality in the formation of mutual connection leaves patients relaxed. 9. The positive interpretation given by the professional is positively received by the patients. 10. The most important tool for the patient that the professional is aware of and fulfills the patient’s desire to keep his secret, including that in a meeting with him in public he will act according to an option of one of two options, a. Get closer to saying hello, or ignore it completely. In fact, without the use of mainstreams leading therapeutic theory in psychotherapy the therapeutic tool identified personal calm, a regular order that allows the patient to say that he has a tendon without reservations leaves the patient calm from the beginning of the conversation that intensifies towards the end. All of these and others characteristic of this group not mentioned, are what led the author to the understanding that a way must be found to increase the motivation among clinical psychotherapists to want to receive a macro biophysical neurophysiological medical supplement in order to apply their personal inherent potential. This will allow them to feel in collaboration with professional physicians in specific areas and that they are that integrative professionals complement leading the medicine to be comprehensive.

In fact, without the use of the leading mainstream therapeutic theory in psychotherapy the therapeutic tool has identified personal calm, a regular order that allows the patient to say that he has a calm from the beginning of the conversation that intensifies towards the end. All of these and others characteristic of this group have not been mentioned, and they have led the author to the understanding that a way must be found to increase the motivation among clinical psychotherapists to want to receive a macro biophysical neurophysiological medical supplement in order to potentially apply their personal imprint. This will allow both parties to feel equal in collaboration with professional physicians in specific fields and they are integrative professionals who complement the lead in comprehensive medicine.

Academic Nurses Possess Basic Medical Background to Be Able to Turn Over the Chronical Comorbid GID Into THR Conditions
Chronical comorbidity evolves under the persistent generalized internal distresses due to new relapses. Irrespective of whether type of medical branches treat chronical comorbid subjects in the highly specialized and qualify medicine, given specialists are narrow oriented on the branch they gained the best medical knowledge and practice. For this reason, they must have a comprehensive medical professional who will contain the practical knowledge and skills to add an intermediate aid to chronical comorbid subjects the therapeutic medical protection (TMP). Such medical professional purpose will eliminate many current public health disadvantages.

1. The local public will become aware that Academic Nurses are highly qualified and specialized in the macro biophysical neurophysiological therapeutic medical protection on biased-free conditions.
2. In local communities Academic Nurses will easily reach out every chronical comorbid subjects regardless of age because they will be able to approach with the
3. All specialized physicians will be motivated that every of their patients in addition to her\his qualified help will receive the comprehensive TMP to guarantee avoiding personal mistreatment and improving the health and wellbeing of their patients.
4. Academic Nurses will be able doing multifamily group intervention or group TMP for groups who are under persistent stress-distress.
5. Academic Nurses will be prepared with the neuro anatomical and micro/macro biophysical neurophysiological background functional components before receiving the therapeutic medical protection means.

Rationale for Therapeutic Medical Protection (TMP) Prove by Neutralizing and Eliminating Disease Symptoms or Preventing Them
The road to proof is bald in many different trials until both, therapist and patient embark on a path that in constant observation recognize signs of improvement. The key point here is that when patients themselves emphasize that they feel released from the intensities of distress and ask questions how to explain it from a medical scraping angle. Immediate proof begins with the expansion of the abilities of the individual who recognizes that her/his capacity in doing and performing more tasks that were familiar to her/him have been and easily strengthened by the free control. The same kind of results say in one way or another about most patients who have been exposed to the macro biophysical neurophysiological method whose basic mechanism is biological. Then without the use of drugs we use macro biophysical strategies, tools, techniques or means that carry placebo inducing effects within the patients’ organism to reprocess in their bodies good results. By training Academic Nurses of patients alike a common strategy must be employed for everybody with the same macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanisms beginning with a mutual equality-related interpersonal communication. The core point here is that this method employs the best assertive approach for personal and groups inter-relationships. It must rely and guarantee’ let say: ‘everyone has the right to her/his opinion without feeling threatened and the obligation to listen to opinion of others without judging them’. Such an assertive approach provides for everybody to a priori self-treat others and by the same rules. For instance, ‘do not struggle for absolute truth that easily slides into a confrontation and a stressful animosity, use your common wisdom to make mutual compromises and practical resolution of any problem’. Or use another example: ‘It is better to lose an argument onset and thereby winning many kilograms of health”. ‘Don’t prejudge other people’s behavior, be satisfy that you are rightfully behaving. ‘Treat other people with the same means as you treat your family members’. A principle point underlines that each person has the basic rights to keep privacy without any need to share it under force of other people. ‘Keep yourself always relaxed, under good reasoning and do not enforce yourself to provide van instant reply, if you do not ready or do not desire to do it. The best answer is to say, let me think it over, I will give you in another time’. Another hallmark point must under a strong consideration, literally ‘do not discuss your disease problems in family, with friends and familiars, because the more you discuss the deeper your morbid problem starts from afresh. The reason for it is the vocal repetitions sensitized your abnormal neuronal loop operations that abnormally mutates new genes to worsen your condition’.

The main point here is that the therapist becomes aware of what kind of content and process will appear in his patient’s body indeed as a sign of improvement when using concrete instructions or medical recommendations that can detect predictable improvements and interpret them correctly.

This must be done in simple examples to give the patient a rationale in a recommendation that were brought together with accorded interpretations. As a rule, most of my patients during pandemic Corona virus received the same repeated: “keep the body calm from morning to evening”. Rationale: When the body is in prolonged relaxation for days it balances its automatic micro-mechanism that produces for it a pleasant emotional feeling and improved cognitive sensation. One patient told me: “After heated food or drinking tea or coffee the RUNNING NOSE starts that no nasal drops stop it, and a family doctor found no changes in my other illnesses. Is there anything to do and how will it work?”

In such a concrete case it becomes clear that the inside of the body has violated a thermal in the upper part and the addition of heated foods further disrupts the delicate biological thermo-mechanism that, deregulated the metabolic energy production in the upper part of the digestive system with difficulty balancing by external means. In this case the recommendation was as follows: ‘During daytime from morning to evening consume cold meal and drinks to cool down the upper gastro region. In addition, drink a glass of cold water every two hours throughout the day to consume about 7 to 8 glasses. After 24 to 36 hours, the phenomenon passed, and she continued to strengthen the body from the inside with cold fluids.” The rational for this simple but useful technique relied to correct a certain part in the body to condition the inner part through inner change of overheated metabolic energy production by cooling it to eliminate a local symptom and keeping on with the macro biophysical neuro-physiological medical prospective intervention.

Another example: A patient told me that he has a feeling of warmth in his head that really blows him away with intrusive thoughts that produce headaches and chest discomfort on the right side. A family doctor checked the fever and then did an ECG, and both were okay and said “you may be excited, and it will pass. There are no signs of worsening of your illnesses.” He asked me for help and explaining the reason for it. I recommended: ‘Every 3 to 5 minutes put the head under the tap to cool the scalp from the outside that will help the brain dissipate the excessive heat that accumulates due to constant invasive thoughts which produce a lot of metabolic energy. This activated energy decomposes into heat and fluids. They pressure on the brain matter that is limited by the internal bones of the skull. Therefore, continue to use this tool every 3 hours a day. In addition, you will shift your attention from bothersome thoughts to neutral or positive ongoing events. Employ yourself in any light exercise that has a good chance of lowering excess body heat and in the brain.’ For three days he resigned from his symptoms “- now maintains this technique that helps. Rationale for it: the brain is well protected by the skull in health. As well is his cerebral vascular systems turnover in any unit of tine. However, it has a major disadvantage during metabolic energy deregulation. Since intrusive thought are the product of some memory repositories suffering from deregulation and stay open and uncontrolled thoughts automatically leak out contaminating the cognitive-emotional background with an excessive amount of metabolic energy production with a poor turnover of it to extract into the outer environment. As a fact the venous blood stream that is over heated and through the Jugular venous circulation runs into the right part of the heart in which the are many thermoreceptors ang baroreceptors. They quantify extra heated blood stream and pressure causing a local subjective discomfort that is not life threatening but unpleasant to everybody under such condition feeling.

Physical techniques are recommended for many patients to regain voluntary control over a body that produces automatic hyperthermic symptoms that coincide block most mental faculties. This phenomenon made the individual feel that he was “slave to the body” or was “captured in the body” and his reactions to life events became uncontrollable by him and seemed impulsive. The rationale for is as follows: initiating to do physical walk exercises with light-medium effort for between 10-15 minutes to be repeated these 3-4 times per day. Or do swing in cool water two times per day. Or make a combine exercise first cool with water to the head and afterwards just dip your feet in warm water for 7-8 minutes. The rational: ‘distribution of cool, warm and hot water over the organism helps making a better blood circulation turn over to relieve morbid symptoms’. Moderate outdoor walks can be recommended outside and be protected by wearing a face mask and keeping social distance during the corona virus pandemic. One may begin with 100 meters walk and every day add 50 meters and after a month and a half will reach a significant distance in strengthening physical fitness with a pleasant feeling of calm and satisfaction from helping themselves.

The Macro Biophysical Neurophysiological Benefits to Turnover GID Into THR Using Practical Operational Means
The below elementary points serve in meaningful strategies, tools, techniques, means and skills for the main reason, literally encouraging subjects at need for tools to continue using own already positively working tools and acquire novel with flexible likelihood to personally modify them by [17]:

• Using straightforward medical method that contains neither drugs nor invasive intrusions.
• Providing rational explanations for any kind of weakening and eliminating symptomatic pathology.
• Helps to understand what kind of treatment mistakes were made in the past and how easy they will be avoided on the new path of recovery.
• Requiring real understanding of the nature of impaired underlying macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanism to why and how in short-term to receive improvement.
• Providing irrevocable truth that all medical and psychological disturbances have a common biological ground of impairment requiring from the onset a medical psychological integrative intervention.
• Identifying subjects belonging to a range of high-risk groups having an over susceptibility to corona virus contagious pandemic waves originating chain progression in infecting one to many.
• Keeping communities around the planet by almost the same medical epidemiological protective means to cut down the chain progression of corona virus pandemic break out literally with wearing face masks. Keeping social distance and keeping personal hygiene of hand washing with soap, disinfecting with alco-gel together with periodical social lockdown.
• Claiming that corona virus like other pests get attached to body and impair to primarily it and thereby secondarily block many faculties of the voluntary mind performances leaving infected individuals’ person entirely disarmed.
• Notifying the public that from a macro biophysical neurophysiological standpoint the unifying medical with smoothly integrated psychological mechanisms would be able to raise personal resilience directed on personal generalized internal distress (GID) protection.
• Training high risk subjects in keeping own pace that works for each person differently to optimize rehearsals for enable skills acquirement.
• Protecting GID by reinforcing the to keep body tranquility by instant reverting one’s attention vector on neutral or positive life event scenarios (LES) daily from morning to evening hours.
• Proving to every high-risk subject that body tranquility is automatically contained by homeostatic mechanisms in healthy people whose mind sustained their organism within a healthy lifestyle.
• Combining physical serenity with personal physical rhythm at any age reflects the attainment of physical fitness that must be learned by all people in risk groups to weaken the strength of the GID.
• Encouraging proactive self-fitness for moderate walks at morning and evening hours initiating for physical feeble subjects beginning with 50 meters distance and each two days add about 50 meters to arrive after a few months later reaches few kilometers to strengthen personal fitness.
• Performing mild to moderate physical exercises at home or at a gym or at swimming pool or on fresh air with purpose of stabilizing body fitness to weaken the GID weakens its (ANLO) abnormal neuronal loop operation (ANLO) minimizing latest influence.
• Remembering that moderate activity in the evening hours tired the body and by dimming intensity of light in the evening hours calms it down preparing a person for a quiet night sleep so essential for circadian rhythmic states.
• Pinpointing that dysregulated macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanisms of night terror or frightening sleep have a dual meaning, a. superficial sleep and b. information leaks from varies memory storages having no meaning at all.
• Placing a person into a scheduled daily life regimen with proper meals and cool drinks and proactively occupying with calming activities such as brain games, quiet and pleasant music, reading and TV programs about nature.
• Encouraging proactive engagement in any preferred by person activity that does not contradict the basic rules for medical protection.
• Raising subjects’ insight on an own harmful approach while discussing personal problems with others because they over-sensitize their chronical ANLO to contain the GID.
• Orienting subjects to identify personal vulnerable points continually active in response to specific stress factors requiring proactive weakening and elimination.
• Releasing GID requires employ macro biophysical neurophysiological means relating mainly on ‘here and now’ problems and using unraveled positive past experiences to reinforce their dynamics in present.
• Incorporating the term of transient homeostatic resynchronizing (THR) state that pose the spectrum of low to upper threshold of homeostatic subjects’ frames of reference. This is applicable to some subjects that may oscillate between losing and returning to THR.
• Incorporating the term of transient homeostatic dysregulated (THD) state that pose the spectrum of low to upper threshold of macro biophysical neurophysiological deregulated frames of reference. This is applicable to some subjects that may oscillate between dysregulation and recovering from it into THR conditions.
• Relating transient homeostatic resynchronizing (THR) state that pose the spectrum of low to upper threshold of macro biophysical neurophysiological homeostatic frames of reference. This is applicable to some subjects that may oscillate between health and temporary loss of it.

The Worksheet for Eliminating Generalized Internal Distress (GID) Bothersome by Dual Rehearsals at Morning and Evening Hours
Every professional should keep in mind that he was presented with only a few elements on which to base processes that need to be developed with the goal of weakening and ultimately eliminating the conditions that cultivate the GID state. The main reason is that it weakens any chain that feeds the strengths and comorbidities. Everyone is allowed and desirable to express this in a personal style and use personal wording for the same process in a different way without changing the content and medical meaning aimed at weakening the GID. Everybody must feel free to train patients in rehearsals and find for them a calm sound in the sounds of the professional voice to teach them to gain such a tone (pitch) in their assertive interpersonal relationships as indicated in the table. A professional understands the rationale behind this recommendation because it is typical of an adult who values himself first, invests in formulating a calm speaking style and expresses his personal opinion without forcing his opinion on others and then is able to respect them in the status of others, and equal personal styles and duties.


Medicine has found itself in a crisis facing the Coronavirus pandemic. Modern epidemiology alone with the protections offered did not prevent the waves of spread from the severe viral disease which affected highrisk groups in COMORBIDITY with the consequences of complications and death. Author of this article analyzed professional literature data on the subject. In addition, in practice he used to weaken the Generalized Internal Distress (GID) that put high risk groups into over helplessness with constant concern that they were at risk of contracting the Coronavirus and a strong fear of suffering and fear of dying prematurely. Modern medicine has successfully helped and saved the lives of most people with COMORBIDITY but has failed to prevent GID conditions to varying degrees in the same population that suffers from hypersensitivity to susceptibility towards contracting the viral infection. This medical crisis has led to further crises that have stood out greatly in social crises, waves of lockdowns, economic decline and uncertainty from this pandemic to end. Even in the case of a vaccine that is about to reach the world population, it is very doubtful whether IMMUNIZATION alone will immunologically automatically balance the body in people with COMORBIDITY. The medical evidence shows that when one system balances in the body, a balance is not achieved in the other systems as there is in people with health. Only a preventative medical method can begin in the prevention and treatment of high-risk groups. It is essential to know that anyone who belongs to healthy or sick stomachs is in healthy or sick ranges. Therefore, a sick individual must learn practices that basically maintain good health as a standard for everyone initiated to keep voluntarily the body in tranquility! And must be aware that only natural body serenity rewards a person with a biologically pleasant emotion and a sense of cognitive well-being.

For this reason, the author suggests that there are two groups of professionals that could be intensively prepared for acquiring the macro/micro biophysical/biochemical neurophysiological theory and practice, namely: clinical psychotherapists and academic nurses. The benefits are ready for training them about a month in formulating strategies, tools, techniques and practical means. They will be able to easily reach high-risk people in any community and equip them with appropriate personal tools and stay in touch with practitioners in all specialty relationships with close integrative medicine.

Appendix Terminology
* The Macro Biophysical Mind (MBM)in science is a qualitative and quantitative term that operates according to the laws of physics separated by theological terms and defines neurophysiological processing of information waves reflected from external macro objects and life events absorbed by external senses transmitted through nerve webs to working memory centers in the brain for authentic identifiers to provide customized feedback and placing of new material in SOFTWARE’s image library in the inertial memory storage state.

** Body operating range (BOR) is a term that defines speed-related motions of all free moving elements in the organism across cells, organs and systems due to external demands towards MBM to voluntarily control four daytime rest, with minimal, moderate and maximum exertion stages and four automatic night stages provide balanced internal processing for homeostatic survival to maintain health in each external event unit in a unit of time.

*** Emotional biophysical power (BEP) is a term that defines the sixth sense that is the inner integrated core of the macro biophysical neurophysiological organism that acts internally in synchronous balancing of BOR regulation in homeostasis stimulated by true or imaginative cognitive content of LES or COACs stored in memory that calms the body with information units that overlap the cognitive area and the limbic brain area, re-translating the BOR power to BEP equivalent that rewards with pleasant emotion and cognitive well-being.

**** Consciousness (awareness, alertness) is an evolutionary term that defines an electronic-like turn on and off the macro biophysical neurophysiological organism’s circadian day alert set for an individual initiated role in search of limited sources of survival and adaptation in social settings and towards night inhibit the conscious for an automatic sleep to re-synchronize the organism across each cycle for homeostasis followed with a new alert daytime cycle.

*****The macro biophysical neurophysiological infrastructure (MBNI) is a term that defines the dual division of humanity, healthy people at different levels literally in a unifying voluntary mind, brain and body on the one hand and patients who lost homeostasis in evidence to varying degrees prone to chronic singular or combined morbidity. The creation infrastructure is managed by micro-automated and macro-mechanisms under voluntary mental control. Disease infrastructure breaks down the union of voluntary mind, brain and body and each of them is abnormal. In sick people the biophysical neurophysiological mind is partially or completely blocked. As a result, macro/micro control also becomes disrupted by an automatic brain dysregulated control.

****** The therapeutic medical protection TMP is a term defining the fundamental need in retraining chronical morbid and comorbid patients containing multi-defective biological mechanism of poor daily survival and suffer from maladaptation to become aware of their essential necessity to become proactive in their acquiring and sustaining professionally guided strategies, tools, techniques, means and satisfied workable personal skills to protect self from further deepening of pathology. And personally, initiating a deep commitment to self-recovery by cooperating with professionals who are skilled in retraining them with means of protection free of side effects within medical realms to actively turn a morbid condition into a health.

******* Life event scenario (LES) is a term to define every individual’s encounter in a family or social event shaped by all or some optical, sound, smell, taste and touch separate or combined macro biophysical neurophysiological units nurturing such a scenario followed by stress-free or stress inducing effects.

******** Constellation of antecedent conditions (COAC’s) is a term to define every physical inanimate or animate encounter partially or entirely consisting of some or all optical, sound, smell, taste and touch macro biochemical and biophysical neurophysiological units fostering stress –free or stress inducing influences.

*********A normal neuronal loop activity (ANLA) is a term in the definition of normal or acquired congenital genes from childhood to longevity that is automatically organized due to encounters with CES and COAC with voluntary coping mechanisms that balance daily cycles that drive BOR at four levels and four nocturnal levels from lower to upper threshold and vice versa in the reference in homeostasis.

********** An abnormal neuronal loop operation (ANLO) is a term defining innate or acquired mutated genes during the present life that automatically organize and regulate the daily cycles of the body’s operational ranges (BOR) with accelerated or decelerated velocity causing hypersensitivity to the first and numbness of the second depending on stress factors or pests that cause dysregulation in the organism that originate in unique or multi-morbid conditions that are expressed in chronic cycles of exacerbation or remission ranges.

*********** Generalized inner distress (GID) is a term identifying the actual clinical condition to include nontypical markers irrelevant to a certain disease relapse, however intensifying the overall clinical picture. The reason for it is that a certain ANLO become oversensitive with each relapse whether in a single disease or in comorbidity but in the latter, it looks like few diseases become reactivated in their background.

************ Transient homeostatic resynchronizing (THR) equivalence of body operation ranges (BOR) is a computerized analog term to define the extended margin from the lower-upper threshold of mentally regulated homeostasis frames for the purpose of nurturing, cherishing and maintain the health of the individual organism.

************* Transient homeostatic dysregulation (THD) is a term to define exacerbation and remission cycles followed by the GID of the automatic brain accelerating the BOR above the upper threshold producing excessive sensitivity and susceptibility to the corona virus and or below the lower threshold producing numbness, lack of energy, exhaustion and apathy with a lack of protection against susceptibility to corona virus and other pests.

*************Macro biophysical neurophysiological assertive communication (MBNAC) is a term that defines the equal rights and obligations defined for all people in the environment to express a personal angle on any matter without feeling threatened in advance because others retain an equal right to express themselves in contrast, content and style without forcing each other push through messages that combine goal-directed and relation-oriented reciprocal actions that help eliminate GID.

For Everybody to the Question of How the Human Organism Works We Sharpen the Insight
MBNI consists of macro biophysical neurophysiological mechanisms opposite regulate clusters of two subjects, really healthy by voluntary regulation that maintains health and the other by automatic brain dysregulation for chronic concomitant patients.


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