CPQ Medicine (2020) 8:5

Pretext to Success

Ashraful Kabir

Department of Biology, Saidpur Cantonment Public College, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

*Correspondence to: Dr. Ashraful Kabir, Department of Biology, Saidpur Cantonment Public College, Nilphamari, Bangladesh.

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Received: 10 February 2020
Published: 12 March 2020

Keywords: Health; Medical Science; GIF

As we know, till now, health is a big issue all over the world so that in this perspective there is no shortcut of this journal (Cient Periodique). In human race, there is now only one challenge to keep fit anyway. Specifically, without proper message and guideline this is not possible to maintain a good physique. This is our perpetual matter of life in order to keep fit forever. As many of you may have heard the name of this modern journal as well. Fortunately, all nations are getting lots of uncountable benefit by reading then applying this renowned medical journal. Being respected by those writers really I am lucky enough to write some of my innovative thoughts. This journal ensures the quality message and preserves the hope for living to the coming generation. The mechanism of all human physiological activities is a crux matter but very possible to make all of them clear with publishing adequate articles in this renowned journal. We have huge dearth in writing in the field of Medical Science. This journal is of course an utmost work at all. The cordial dealings of the employees of this journal compel to write something on human health and this is a way to make excellent in future. Indubitable and amplified fundamental topics are available by all writers and those topics are occupied with every sections of human ailments which play a precede role for the mankind. Very fundamental and restatemental comments are easily accepted from the editor of this journal. For instance, from two years ago, I have published moderate number of articles not only on human health. Recently, this journal has opened an agricultural section. Many agricultural ideas will get shelter in this part. As this is an open access online journal so writers from the various corners will get the sense of ardent which will be helpful for showing the elegant and radiant matters as a whole. In fact, I think there are no rival and dispute matters stored in this journal. This is not a stagnant Periodique and all hilarious thinking by the active committee members and those ideas are very strong in the perspective national and international affairs. The arrangement or the style of writing here is winsome and tacit development is a zing of course. I wish a smooth way of success of this journal and expect a remarkable Global Impact Factor (GIF) mainly in the field of Biomedical Science.

However, I want to assure you that I am carrying on with this Periodique. Thank you very much for contacting me to write this editorial at the present context.

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