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Preventer and Sanitiser Pocket Device and Homeopathic Prevention against COVID-19 and Related Virus

Francisco Bulnes

IINAMEI, Research Department in Mathematics and Engineering, TESCHA, Mexico

*Correspondence to: Prof. Dr. Francisco Bulnes, IINAMEI, Research Department in Mathematics and Engineering, TESCHA, Mexico.

Copyright © 2022 Prof. Dr. Francisco Bulnes. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received: 15 November 2022
Published: 29 November 2022

Keywords: Homeophatic Prevention; Preventor Device; Quantum Monopharmacists

Today is required a constant prevention against the virus related with the covid-19 and itself for a safety way for the life, and give to our organism conditions the strengthening of its immune system. Likewise, is established a preventive mechanism in our breathing system considering a constant special solution of alcohol sanitiser microparticles, to establish protection conditions in frequent interactions with the environment, without collateral damage [1,2] in any organic system. Also are proposed preventive homeopathic treatments with complements that enforce the vital field [3] of the human body against covid-19 and other related influenza illness. A proposal based spectral alcohol energy [4,5] is considered to a definitive prevent solution versus COVID-19 and other variants.

Until our days the studies on COVID-19, have been incomplete [6], little relevant and require more research, possibly at least, fifteen years of research with laboratory tests, field studies with assays and meaning proofs in clinical cases to generate a vaccine. Also the publication of results of different cases and relevant results in indexed and arbitrated medical journals with high factor of consult and different perspectives, discussions and public medical debates, to give a definitive solution or a study with at least 95% of viability and reliability.

The vaccines produced actually have only an effectiveness factor of 60%1 , in the major case, considering the best vaccine, where also no exist a comparative study of the effectiveness of all existing vaccines. Further, the legal implications of use a vaccine with license, which in this time no exist.

1The ranges of effectiveness vary with the age and vital condition of each person. Different studies realized with control groups and treatment groups has been realized and explained in [7].

Then the immediate conclusion is at least obtain a sure prevention way of COVID-19, even including the different versions of this and other influenza variants. For it, is necessary realize studies of the virus and its vulnerabilities at least, in its immediate aerobic expansion and transmission vector. This could be related with the pollution environment in different levels, cleaning and with factors related with the vitality and some chronic human sickness, and erroneous understanding on the illness causes the illness concept perspectives [2]. All mentioned has been the case in all time, furthermore of the interests and deviation of medical information due to the pharmaceutical technological advances to create the pharmaceutical markets whose goals are very far of the health.

The COVID-19 that is a variation of influenza, in the low antigen state, has presented high mortality and big propagation, because obeys a various reasons from a point of view of the general public health which in this era, results determinant to have a diffusion map of the sickness arriving to be a pandemic situation.

Likewise, we consider the alcohol spectra energy inhaled (no inside organic system). The effectiveness depends on the concentration and type of alcohol, along with the species of the virus [8]. Its application must be through microparticles sniffing it with nose and mouth.

Scholium. 1. We define the alcohol action spectra as a spectra of low frequency and high transmittance.

The alcohol solution has twenty electrons in the last orbit which are receptive to realize a covalent links with amino-acids and destroy the lipids layer of virus and COVID-19 in the air or before enter the body [9].

Remember that the actions in nanomedicine are defined as [1,10]:

Cure Action = Correction + Restoring = Correction + alignment,

In our study the actions in nanomedicine will be defined by the field actions of alcohol, which can be studied from a point of view of the energy.

The alcohol action spectra presents two aspects given by two differentiated states, which have for one side, are identified in the stretches states, which are of very high frequency (much more of the normal frequency) but low transmittance in the O-H, C-H and C-O-stretches, and the another differentiated state without stretch states, which have very low frequency (less more of the normal frequency) but high transmittance (see the figure 1 A). This supposes that has a deep action on the virus cells with behavior very similar to the low frequency waves changing the electrical modes of communication between virus cells. This permits the action on lipids and proteins layers of the virus destructing these.

Figure 1. A): The stability region of the alcohol with major action [5]. This must be applied in an aerobic form. B). Elimination of coercive charges from a quantum level. Fulfilled with electrons in covalent links in the soma cell of the body in the interval 0.5 ≤ne - ≤ 2.5. This represents the corrective action step. After are annulled the coercive charges (see 5 ≤ ne - ≤7.5 ). This step represents the restoring/alignment. Finally, the coercive charges are eliminated (the cure arrives). The distribution is a filled boson Einstein distribution2 [11] until 2500 (cm-1) of wavenumber-absorbance in the respective Methanol and Ethanol spectra.

2Particles with an integer spin, or bosons, are not subject to the Pauli Exclusion Principle: any number of identical bosons can occupy the same quantum state, as with, for instance, photons produced by a laser or atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate. Then can to have more particles than states.

The increase of energy support until nanotechnology limit [2, 3, 11-13] + filled boson Einstein distribution (stretch and high amplitude) [11,13], where exists several spectra models obtained by laboratory spectroscopy to certain wave numbers versus transmittance (see the figure 1 B).

Now we consider a homeophatic treatment very effective to prevent, or even cure, if the disease has lodged in the tonsils and part of the respiratory system (when the patient has a cough). The combination of homeopathic mono-pharmacists consist of Belladonna3 30 cc, Aconitum Napellus 30 cc, and Mercurious Vivus 30 cc. If the patient presents symptoms of strong cough, then Belladonna must be combined with Bryonía Alba 30cc. Even in some cases is used by many homeopathic doctors the combination Ferrum Phosphoric 30cc, Mercurious Vivus 30 cc (some cases substituted for Aconitum Napellus 30cc) and Belladonna.

3Belladonna has been used in homeopathy as an aid in treating arthritis pain, colds or high fever, bronchospasms caused by asthma or whooping cough, hemorrhoids, nerve problems, Parkinson’s disease, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, and motion sickness.

It is recommended as a preventive, even with previous cold discomfort and acute sore throat, the intake of the combination:

Belladonna + Aconitum Napellus + Mercurius Vivus (30 cc)

In only one combination of mono-pharmacists each middle hour (each 30 minutes) (that is to say, in only one jar), this with the goal of obtain an synergic action in the body4 [3, 10], action that is superior and more effective that to take three jars for separated. The energies of each mono-pharmacists are recombine to give more effect of cure. The dosing time is among four and five weeks, and possible requires two or three treatments.

4The synergic action is greater than the algebraic sum of the independent actions.


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