CPQ Medicine (2020) 10:6

COVID-19 War, Economic-Based Sciences

Bahram Alamdary Badlou

BBAdvies and Research, Research and Development Dept., Zeist, The Netherlands

*Correspondence to: Dr. Bahram Alamdary Badlou, BBAdvies and Research, Research and Development Dept., Zeist, The Netherlands.

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Received: 14 October 2020
Published: 16 November 2020

Keywords: COVID-19; Antibodies; Pandemics

Worldwide all countries are suffering from the COVID-19 attack with an unexpected death rate, which the exact mechanism of how Immune cells and stress-related responses are working still (Oct-2020) not elucidated completely [1-3]. Another important aspect of the COVID-19 war is (ir-)responsiveness of T-cells (cytotoxic and Helper), B-cells (antibodies) in an association with antigen-presenting cells (APCs) under intimidated viral entrance and colonization locally person- dependent proceed toward a mortal increased risks to shut (and/or shot) down organs randomly. We have introduced ‘partly’ how COVID-19 mechanism of action might work and which basic and clinical aspects are still not clarified so far [2,3].

Although there is a bizarre complot theory, which is hypothesizing that might COVID-19 as a product was intended to do so, the drug smugglers are increased, countries locked down for nothing, some countries are dying because of lack of technologies to produce own drugs and vaccines. Moreover, based on advanced modern technologies is almost impossible that Medici could not unravel how COVID-19 is working. There is a missing link here, at end of this history [1-5]. One might speculate that may from Science-based Economy (SBE) in the last millennium, we are arriving (already land) in an Economic-Based Science(EBS) Century and environment.

By generating novel infections and (unknown) diseases randomly, they can create either a new product(s) or a new Biomedical market. The novel product/market (P/M) ratio could be mutated as randomly as possible. Pharmaceuticals do not use the regular SBE-route but accelerated EBS, which in less than a month can provide any drugs, vaccines as much as you need, although has no validation documents. A novel drug is suppling as novel products, which nobody can imagine what for metabolites produced in recipients’ circulation. Because of developed industrial “so called Technologies” patients are getting the best complex packaged drugs with different hard- and software’s delivered. The price of such products is 10 time expensive than previously regular drugs, which patients mandatory should buy it, eventually.

Imagine such complot theories might be true! we are (re-)going to war with some (weird) multinational Companies and Adventurers, globally. From Wild West expensive drugs and from Oriental East cheap bu*****eet products. Self-treatments could be game changing selection, eventually. Medical Biologic Disasters are coming to induce new “Darwin’s evolution theories and settle down Jungle’s law” selection system.

What would means the EBS in 21th Century? One might just define it as profitable business and supply/ command (!) instead of supply /demand-based producing and manufacturing irrelevant medical products i.e. Alcohol 70-99%, disinfectants without or with Vinegar, Masks N-95 with certain filter etc., indeed based on modern technologies that your country got, if you do not have modern technologies we sell you via the WHO, CDC, Fast-tracked FDA approved certifications, however.

But another wise interpretation /definition of current situation could be creating genocides, and terroristic biological products to attack general people, randomly [3-5]. Then local Governments obliged to buy their remedy served expensive Medical drugs, devices, and products i.e. advanced masks, gloves, ventilators, Ambulances, pure alcohol variants, disinfectants, advanced complex kits and associated tools and Readers, Spectrophotometers, PCR technologies, coffins, etc.

All Medici call is, to stand up and yell that this is not appropriate attitude globally to safe life of patients. Moreover, we do not accept such inhuman planning for thefutureof our Nation. The Medici are not only chasing infections and microorganisms to discover possible remedy, but also vice versa, being hunted by pandemics, now. This is a disaster from the top level.

The take home message would be then, what we contracted as regular Medici to fight against such aggressive enemies with (un-)known biological weapons, EBS’ irrelevant drugs should be stopped. Globally, patients got only wrecked Universities and Researchers without an appropriate founding, who might get (or not) foundation for their potential grants, which with(out) local/global Governmental supports (might) never here over succeed to make any armaments to protect their general public, mysteriously. On one hand, One might (re-)consider to recall Basic Scientists back to their bench, and provide them enough foundation to solve the current COVID-19 Ques and associated problems, as soon as possible. On the other hand, bring inventors of biological weapons to justice courts in the Hague, for their synthetic biological products dispersion, however.


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