CPQ Medicine (2020) 10:4

Life Means Lifestyle

Ashraful Kabir

Department of Biology, Cantonment Public College, Saidpur Cantonment, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

*Correspondence to: Dr. Ashraful Kabir, Department of Biology, Cantonment Public College, Saidpur Cantonment, Nilphamari, Bangladesh.

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Received: 14 September 2020
Published: 22 September 2020

Keywords: Lifestyle; Balanced Food; Nutrition

In past, the father of western medicine Hippocrates (460BC-370BC) knew that what health and good food are. He learned this from his father. He always used to avoid those foods which are not beneficial for health. So from history, it is clear that people knew about their health, food as well as nutrition. Passing a healthy lifestyle it is possible to achieve a disease-free body that can overcome most of the ailments as the contemporary coronavirus infection. Physical activities and balanced/ideal food can enhance our immune system. We have many evidences that correct food is medicine. In contrast, bad food is poison.

At present, many renowned researchers are working well in the field of ‘Food and Nutrition’. In this regard, cient periodique is one of them which can be a model for all kinds of people. Google, online class, youtube, researchgate, telemedicine, open access journals, impact journals, and case study all are very helpful for understanding about health. In past, we had no exact longevity but now this is proved that we have remarkable longevity and is increasing day by day by the grace of this type of scientific periodique. Many writers are focusing themselves here with adequate number of references. Now the medical facilities are outstanding all over the world due to various researches in this sector; people are relieving from most of their diseases. Most people are conscious now and physical activities like gym, free-hand exercise and yoga are getting popularity in all sorts of people. This type of applied journal is miraculous as a whole.

Some people will not be conscious, this is true but this phase is not permanent. Contemporary coronavirus pandemics have given us many lessons with social distance and using necessary protection. Remarkable numbers of infected people have been cured by following guidelines from this journal. Luckily I have published a bit here in this field. Motivation in public affairs is very tough but nothing is impossible for the time being. The power of such references, dedication, and commitment can resolve those contradictions and superstitions about health.

Chemicals in crops field, food-grade colors, safe fertilizer, vermicompost all re now eco-friendly. Recently, this journal has launched the ‘Agriculture’ domain which is a sole part of human life. Congratulations to this thought especially to the well-oriented Editor. Administration, stakeholders, officers, and writers of the world are initiating everybody to come in a line with a smooth series of enjoyable life. Hope, this periodique will preserve their ultimate movements with honesty, hard-working, co-operation with the writers of the world, and easily accessible of those write-ups on the internet.

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